I haven't really been writing much lately. My last post was a narrative concerning one of the first fights we did as shadow+destro. Since then we have racked up a couple more wins, mostly due to the fact that every warrior+healer comp we fight has yet to figure out that I am not soul-link. Had they understood this fact, we would be much worse off. This isn't the point, however; I am not here to talk about the stupidity of our opponents. I am here to talk about PvP viability. Destruction is a viable PvP spec. Yeah, I said it, but there is a catch. Destruction is a viable PvP spec IF AND ONLY IF your opponents do not focus you down. Essentially, every single spec has the ability to be PvP viable, except for certain downsides that exist and make it less-so.

I had this discussion with my brother over lunch (or dinner... don't remember) the other day. Feral does some truly ludicrous damage when compared to other dps specs in PvP, but it lacks the ability to stay on an opponent, the ability to control a fight via cc or stun, and the ability to limit heals by or on an opponent. This is why ferals are not as good as rogues in PvP at the moment. Ferals do more damage than rogues when they are both in pvp gear and their opponents stand still and take the damage. That's a pretty big IF. Each class has these pluses and minuses, and it is what makes them decent in the arena. Some have more or less than others, and that's why I am disappointed with this expansion and looking forward to the next one.

Ferals are getting a stun, a snare, some cc-resist, more damage output in the burst form, some cooldowns, and a shadow-step-like ability in cat form... though it needs its cooldown and min-range removed. I am sick of playing restoration. It was fun, but it just makes matches dwindle down to 15-minute heal-fests that end when the opposition runs out of mana. Not that this is not fun, but it just makes everything take forever. I have noticed that most 2s teams that get high ratings just put in tons of games with a 55% win percentage. Essentially, this is just fine, but if we are going to get tons of games in, we need to go faster. Our double dps shadow+destro team usually has quick matches that we knock out weekly. If we can keep our win percentage up, we will have a shot at some s3 weapons, but that is probably the extent of it.

WotLK... I think shadow+feral will be more viable as a 2s team... and at least a lot more fun.