I've been pretty sick lately... but I'll try and get some matches in today and tomorrow and report back how I feel about the instant-cast Cyclones.

I already know that having Hamstring tied to Shred/Mangle is going to be a boon... no more 2-stack nonsense.

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I Hate 3v3s

That basically sums it up... 3v3s takes no skill, you just have to have a comp which encompasses crazy burst damage and some form of immunity.

Rogues have evasion and CloS.
Mages have Iceblock.
Hunters have TBW.
Warriors have Bladestorm.
DKs have AMS and IBF.
Ferals have Berserk (weakest immunity imo).
Etc etc...

3v3 is such a zergfest... we're sitting at ~1800 right now with a BM hunter going "we might need a warrior for the better pressure and immunity."

Wtf, right?

I wish they'd bring 2v2 back... at least that had some semblance of balance in requiring skill to coordinate team actions and ccs... 3v3 is just dumb.

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