It's the end of another piss-poor season. We are sitting in the rubble of a team that we all feel should be better than it is, and there are no fingers being pointed. Sure, there are plenty of questions floating about: "are we just getting counter-comped," "should we try a different target, or tactic," "are we doing this right?"

We queued up for 3s as rogue+warrior+druid, each with tons of gear (not the newest, but at least one season departed or newer), each with tons of skill and experience, each with a clear idea of what to do against all the teams we are expecting to see. What happened? We didn't see any of the teams we expected to see. Sure, we beat that rogue+hunter+priest team, but that was mainly on the fact that our melee-heavy team eats priests alive between mortal strike and mind-numbing poison. Sure, we beat a druid+warlock+hunter team, but only because the druid was terrible and busted all his ccs on me early on. The teams we weren't expecting, or really had any idea of what to do with were the armor-heavy teams. The warrior+pally+druid, warrior+pally+shamang, warrior+druid+retadin teams were the straws that broke my back (I'm a camel in this metaphor).

And maybe that's the trick... it just wasn't our time to queue... we got a bad run of melee-defensive teams and we just got counter-comped. However, that seems to happen to us a lot. However, I do tend to create teams that are pretty easily counter-comped. Warrior+enhancement+druid and warrior+restomang+druid are both counter-comped; the first is the same as rogue with half the survivability and the second has mana issues. It might be time to try a new strategy.

I have been watching Nerf Sap 10 a lot (mostly the commentary version) and looking at their composition. There just doesn't seem to be any feasible way that they can lose on that team unless someone knows of that comp and how powerful it truly is and happens to be anti-melee with a little luck on their side. For instance, the only team I think that could beat the rogue+rogue+lock team is a pally+pally+warrior, and the pallies would have to be amazing with their personal bubbles to avoid garrotes and blinds. Anyway, I'm talking to the rogue on my rogue+druid+warrior team and I suggest this, point out the video, and he says sure, he's got a rogue friend at 1900 right now, and next season will try it a bit with my warlock. Sweet. I'll keep playing 2s with my spriest, of course, but this sounds like raping-fun.

Other than that, I was thinking of switching out the rogue on my threes team of rogue+warrior+druid for a warlock. That way we would be less melee-heavy, have a little more cc, and would force a target off the bat. Not to mention that locks are easy to heal, can heal themselves slightly as sl/sl, and bring a spell-lock and dispel to the table.