Yeah... it has certainly been a while since I have posted. Primarily, I would attribute it to the lack of interesting things going on, but that isn't entirely true. I have been PvP'ing less and less lately because of the horribly bursty state of arenas. Supposedly, a solution is in the works and slated for 3.1, but we haven't heard anything official on the subject yet. It is reasonably annoying going against teams with a mage and getting 2shot while guntir is chain polymorphed (yes... mirror images cast polymorph that has no diminish returns).

To keep me in the game, we've been running Naxxramas 10man and doing quite well at it. We have downed Kel'Thuzad twice in two weeks, and we're moving on to Malygos now. Our raid composition continually changes, but I have been topping the dps charts pretty regularly. I have been in a couple of Naxx25 pugs, but I cannot really dps effectively because of the lack of scaling. Blizzard started announcing changes that are slated for 3.1. Not the least of which is feral dps getting better sustained dps output along with rogues and arms warriors.

Also slated for 3.1 is the dual-spec implementation, which guntir and I are looking forward to with great anticipation. Essentially, we don't like having to respec twice a week to do arenas effectively and raiding effectively. Currently, we are not really spending a whole lot of time in the arenas simply because of the crazy state of burst. We will end up going 5-5 and lose to ridiculous teams like mage+mage just because no one can live through that burst without anti-magic shell and/or bubble and we will end up beating 5 dk+healer teams. Interestingly, our rating is slowly climbing up due to the new matchmaking system... which hopefully means that the system understands that we can beat 2200 comps but we can't beat half the random double-dps comps in the 1500-1800 brackets. Anyway, once burst is leveled out a bit, we feel we have the comp to beat. Ferals have great dps output, cc, and survivability while guntir's spec nets him longevity, good healing output, survivability, and he always brings fear and mana burn.

Tonight we go for Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad again... hopefully I get a new weapon... I need a dps upgrade like you wouldn't believe.