Some hybrids are therefore asking for utility and pure (asking for 100% dps from a hybrid) or they are a whining warrior who is complaining about not being better than others, rather than being bad.

Warriors have been doing this classist nonsense since the 60s days, except back then they felt that they should be the only viable tanks, as well as feeling like fury should do the most damage. Now that Blizzard has taken a stance of "all hybrids are created equal" the warrior are complaining NOT because they aren't the highest on the totem poll, but that there IS no totem poll.

If a fury warrior pulls competitive dps with a feral druid, and they both hit 5% less than a pure... the warrior will STILL complain that the feral should be lower... even though it really isn't a problem that the feral is on par with him (the guild is progressing, the damage output is high, etc).

Warriors just like to complain... and now that Blizz has officially stated that Warriors are hybrids and should be on par with ferals/spriests/etc, warriors feel like they have been "slapped in the face" but they STILL want to be on top of the other hybrids.

Warriors are the Uncle Toms of hybrids. They want to be as "pure" as the top-tier (white people in this example), and they don't care who amongst their "hybrid" brothers they stab in the back to get there. Half the posts I see are akin to "i'm fine with doing less damage, just nerf all the other hybrids so mine's the best."

Warriors, you reap what you sow, and this has been coming for 4 years, I'm going to enjoy competing with you on the dps meters.

I posted this on the forums to RAVE comments... but it basically sums up my feelings towards warriors' nerfs in 3.1. I love all the QQ "you mean I'm going to do the same damage as a feral!? How is that fair to me!?"

"How would it be fair to me if you did more?"