That is to say, it's the same as the old drug... going back to a Shred spec. Guntir and I had a heart-to-heart the other day and decided that while Feral+Disc CAN outlast most other teams... we just aren't putting out enough dps pressure to do it anymore, what with gear upgrades and better players and what-not. So, he has spec'd back into Divine Fury, and yes, we know that most high-rated disc priests take this over Spell Warding, but there was a period where we were facing lots of bad warlock+healer teams who would DoT up both of us... so in addition to ProM being the only heal needed, we would also have Spell Warding on Guntir to keep him from taking too much damage.

Anyway... we're basically going to try and get a little more offensive and put out more sizable burst. I'm definitely going to miss not having positional problems with Mangle... but really it will be a 40 energy ability rather than a 34; I can still spam it if I need to. I was watching Ampere's video (Filefront) which was released yesterday, near as I can tell, and I had a few notes to make mention of:

1) He's a Shredder, and he doesn't really seem to have any problem with rogue+priest (interestingly).
2) He can do a warrior's full health bar in 3 gcds if he gets some lucky crits (and so can I... we're wearing nearly the same gear) with Shred.
3) He switches targets a LOT to put down Cyclone on the healer (which I do too, but he does it IMMEDIATELY after getting Rip up... which I find interesting more in a sec).
4) His priest saves his offenses but spends his defenses (he waits for CC-gibs to use holy-fire-death-mindblast, but uses Pain Suppression almost immediately against the warrior in the video).

Anyway... I went in and made some new macros that I really think will help (namely: FFF->focus, FeralCharge(Bear)->focus) and reglyphed/spec'd back to Shred (and I picked up Berserk+Mangle over Rip+SurvivalInstincts... I know how good I said both of those are, but we're going to try and focus on burst, so need more of it). We'll give it a shot today and see where we're at.