I decided to change up the template of the site... you might have noticed. Essentially, I did not like the narrow feel of it on a wide-screen format. Also, I have taken off the streaming video links from the top and will instead be posting them at the bottom of my posts (like this) so that they get in the way less.

We picked up a Rogue who is in decent gear and seems like a decent player for our 3s team. Guntir and I finally hit 5/5 Relentless with full offpieces, as well, and I have to tell you... there's just something magical about being BiS PvP gear. You go and stand on top of the bank and people are always inspecting you, asking what comp you run, etc. Plus, there is no more pressure of "we need to hit to make sure and get the shoulders next week!" Hopefully, the 3v3 bracket gets more fun now... but we'll see. Our rogue is rocking the poisons build. That is to say, he has picked up 5/5 Improved Poisons so that he gets the newly-implemented 50% chance to apply Deadly Poison, which allows him to get up a 5-stack of Deadly really quickly. However, the real reasons of why this build is nice are as follows:

1) Deadly Poison has dispel resist.
2) Deadly Poison acts as a dispel buffer for Crippling and Wound.
3) Deadly Poison does hilarious damage (1k ticks on my rogue and I have 2k less AP than our new rogue)
4) Deadly Poison will, when it procs while a 5stack is up, proc the OTHER hand's poison... meaning that once a 5stack is up, it acts like he has double-Wound AND Deadly.

Needless to say, this build does a LOT more sustained damage and it has an MS effect. We just need some practice, and this comp should run smoothly. If nothing else, we will get yet another teammate his shoulders (and weapon).

An interesting thing to note here is that I went onto the Arena Junkies to see what the "good" players think about weapon speeds concerning this new build. MY GOOD LORD... they're all retarded and 2600 rated. I will grace you now with one of the retarded comments I saw in the rogue forums:

I'm still going to be rocking 1.8/1.4, you need the slower weapon for bigger Eviscerates.

Moron... Eviscerate is based on AP alone, top-end damage doesn't matter. HOW did you get to 2600 and get this wrong... how!? He's right about the 1.8/1.4 setup just because Wound is a PPM proc-rate whereas Deadly is a flat percent chance to proc... so you want Deadly to proc more often to proc Wound more often, and the speed of your Would Poison hand doesn't matter, so you put that on the slowest possible for bigger Mutilates. BAH.

I will leave you with a video of some matches Guntir and I did in 2s on Monday.

Watch live streaming video from reygahnci at livestream.com