It is Tuesday; where is the video I promised!? Short answer: I do not have it up yet. Long answer: it probably will not be up today either (maybe tomorrow). I ended up having a pretty amazing weekend, but it was so jam-packed with goings-on that I never got an hour at my computer to splice it together (even a really crappy one with barebones music and editing). We are planning on running 3s tonight for a while (depending on my latency issues) and therefore will not likely leave me any time to do the video tonight. Tomorrow, Guntir will be at school and I will have dinner with the gf's parents, but I ought to be back around 8pm or so, so I should be able to put something together to have it up on Thursday morning (again: no promises).

In regular news, Blizz was extremely slow in getting the 2200 vendors online this morning which lead to a few problems: first, it led to a massive whine-fest in which people threatened to quit if their weapons were not put online as soon as humanly possible (laughable empty threats, imo); secondly, it lead to people whining about how they did not see the weapons online 3 hours prior to them being put up, so they bought set pieces instead and now cannot refund the set pieces to get the points for the weapon. All scenarios were hilarious, in my opinion. I cannot understand people thinking that Blizz would not release the 2200 weapons today when they said they would and there was absolutely zero dialog between the blues and the community up until this morning... I would have (and correctly) assumed that the weapon vendors simply had not been "turned on" yet on Live realms and Blizzard was busy in a meeting discussing how overpowered DKs are (again) and how underpowered Ferals are (again).


If it was unclear, the weapons were indeed turned on after some time. I have one; it's awesome. DKs are still OP, as are Frost Mages... just about everything else is manageable.

We went against a HPal+RSham+DK team last night that went to full duration... it was pretty lame. Oh well, the rigors of running a double-healer comp in a time when no one uses mana is that sometimes you might end up facing a double-healer comp where no one uses mana. We actually got the Shammy to oom 3 times, but it didn't matter because HPals have infinite mana and eventually Mana Tide is back up and the Shammy can heal again! Don't worry, though, RShammies are getting a cooldown to help with zerg-attempts next patch... er...