Sorry for the late post (again). I am simply too tired and do not have enough information to make a constructive post. Yeah, I could take another day or two and probably come up with a good topic, but I will just save it for next week. Instead, I will just post some things that happened of late.

Firstly, I found a Holy Paladin who hates himself as much as we do and we started running H8rsGunH8Cleave again. I tried the comp with a Blood in the Water build and my two-piece LFR bonus, and it worked pretty well at some points, but largely the loss of stats was too hard to overcome once we started getting matched against 2200 teams. We would end up stalemated for a long long time, then someone on our team (usually me) would get sloppy and cost us the match. We lost one to a Rogue+Enh+Disc team that was sitting around 2200 and shocked me.

Secondly, I watched and rewatched a number of Feral PvP videos just to see some play-styles of high-rated Ferals. I always feel like going back to damage-dealing as a paradigm makes for better play overall, so watching great Feral play can almost always teach me something. Notably, this time through I re-learned that I need to pool energy for burst opportunities. One of the problems I have with this is that in order to start a burst opportunity, I almost always want the healer to be CC'd and usually this means Cycloning them, but if I am pooling energy and combo points with bleeds rolling, then I will not really have the opportunity for the Cyclone. What I learned is that even though an early Cyclone can net a kill, it is usually disruptive to burst; almost all the high-rated Ferals I watch allow their teammates to use their CC first when initiating a burst attempt so that the Feral can follow with a Cyclone (since the first thing you do in the burst rotation is usually FB, we should have our instant cast available for the next 6 seconds in case of a trinket, and if no trinket is available, getting the burst window to be a double-FB rotation means that an instant Cyclone will be available against with 1-2 seconds left on a standard 8s CC).

Thirdly, I keep encountering Enhancement Shamans in just about every arena match. I do not know when Enhance became such a flavor, but since more than half the teams in arenas will have a Warlock on them and the other half will have a Priest, I can only assume that Tremor Totem sits behind the issue. In fact, we faced (and got completely stomped by) a Feral+Enhance+RSham team that was staggeringly strong. I know absolutely nothing about Enhancement and how they burst, but I took a screenshot of getting hit by Lava Lash for 40k in my 4700 resilience, so I have to assume that their burst revolves around that. Facing this team truly made me think about running it if I could find a decent Enhance shammy.

Lastly, I purchased a new application for recording video and audio (it handles the Skype recording for me, which is pretty dang cool). It is called ScreenFlow and it works amazingly. It does not cause any visual hangups, hiccups, or slow-downs, and it stores the videos as raw data so that I can create a video with limited compression and have really nice quality. Additionally, it records both the outbound and inbound sounds for me and keeps them as a separate track from the video, so I can include or exclude them on exporting to an editor. So, we may yet see the rebirth of my youtube channel and hopefully get some 3s footage out soon.