I am missing my scheduled Monday releases... life is too busy right now; I can barely find time to play the game once a week.

I've played some Feral on the Beta and also some Monk (dps) as well. Let me give you a quick run-down on why you should give up your Feral and play a Monk instead.

Ranged disarm
Instant cast ranged CC with a short cooldown
AoE 6s melee-ranged stun (if you talent it) with a short cooldown
DPS buttons mashed all the time

Here's how it works as a monk: you have 3 "finishers" that consume combo points (you get 4 and they're on you, not your target). One of your finishers does good damage when your target is above 50% hp, one finisher puts a rather strong 6s DoT on your target when they're below 50% hp, and the third has an 8s cooldown and hits as hard as Ferocious Bite does on live (50-60k crits) except that it doesn't cost energy and only costs 2 combo points.

So, you have an energy bar (max 100) and an ability that can be used from any direction, costs 40 energy, and it just straight up does 10k. On the Beta, with Savage Roar up (lawl... this is pathetic) and a bleed on the target, Shred, which requires that you be behind your opponent, costs 40 energy and does 10k damage. However, where it really makes you want to cry is when you couple all that noise together.

As a Feral, you have to Shred for 6k, apply SR (and hope it doesn't get dispelled), hit Rake, then Shred for 10k... woo, dealing damage!

As a Monk, you hit Clobber for 10k, Clobber for 10k, Clobber for 10k, and now you are at 10 energy and 3-4 compo points, so you hit your 8s cooldown and drop a 25-50k on your target for 2 combo points. Now you hit one of your other finishers (if they're below 50%, you hit Blackout Kick, if they're above it's Tiger Palm) for ~12-25k, and you have 40 energy again, so you Clobber for 10-20k. You have officially run out of resources for a moment (you could technically use BK or TP again... but your hilariously OP 8s cooldown finisher is almost back up, so just wait a sec). You did a minimum of ~77k damage in those gcds. As your Feral, you did almost 45k (when you work out the rest of your energy).

Oh yeah... my Feral is in 403 gear, gemmed, enchanted, and pretty boss. My Monk is in 378 gear, no gems, no enchants, and no idea how to play.


Also, this: