Rogue+rogue+warlock beat our resto+resto+warrior team twice on lord last night... it was infuriating. So, I say how much I hate this team to a co-worker (who plays on a different battlegroup) and he points out that "you know a class is overpowered if you can team two of them on 3s and still have an amazing team."

I thought about this, and he's right. There really is no other team combination that I can think of where pairing a class with itself and a utility/dps will result in a win. Warlock+warlock+rogue does not have the burst potential nor the CC to bring our team down. Two warriors just slowly kill stuff, but with two healers we ought to pull through. Two hunters is just laughable (even one is usually laughable). Two mages can put down some extreme damage, but I haven't seen a mage in 3s unless he is with rogue and priest.

We almost beat them, but their insane CC coupled with their ability to silence my shamang makes our team worse off until my shamang gets himself some better gear. He is rocking 180 resilience with 8.5k hp and he is waiting for s4 to buy anything. I can understand this... he wants to become geared faster by buying cheaper versions of the gear out now; this makes perfect sense. However, the most maddening part of the whole venture is that we have to pvp with him to GET him arena points to get the gear later. Don't get me wrong, I like pvp'ing with the guy, but he has a lot to learn about how to heal.

He finally respec'd yesterday in the middle of our 3s fights... but he did it wrong. I told him to go with this spec, but he botched it and went with this spec instead. Sadly, he will not be getting enough melee crits to really utilize Shamanistic Focus, and he put too many points into resto, so he does not have toughness: arguably the best friend of restoration shamangs now. I am not angry about it, since it was an accident, he clicked too many times and did not want to spend another 50g to fix it... fine. However, he plays a little odd at times.

So, we are on Lordearon, I am explaining how to LoS into my heals and out of their attacks. We see that there is a priest+hunter+warlock facing us. Okay, I stealth out, my shamang stays on our side of the pillar, the priest shadowmelds, and my warrior runs in and starts eating the hunter's face. The priest pops out and puts up full dots on my warrior, sw:p, starshards, you name it. So, I start peaking over the top and throwing lifeblooms while ducking back behind to avoid LoS for too long. The shamang has yet to put down a totem, but he figures it out and puts down earthbind (not the best against a ranged team, but helpful none-the-less), windfury (out of the warrior's range, but behind the pillar expecting the battle to move to us... good move imo), and mana spring (horray, more mp5 for me). At this point, my warrior has moved from the hunter to the priest so the priest cannot mana burn. This is key because we can avoid viper sting easily as the hunter is terrible and has the cat pet instead of the scorpid, I just throw abolish poison on the shamang as he runs around the side to toss out some heals.

Awesome, we are just widdling away at the priest, there goes pain suppression and pw:s, my warrior moves over to the hunter who is STILL at 50% hp because the priest was so busy healing himself he never threw so much as a HoT on him. We end up working the hunter down to 25% and I start the cyclone train on the priest while my shamang earthshocks the warlock who is casting fear on me (obviously), and we down the hunter. At this point, my shamang is at 50% mana, I am at 90% mana and I stopped using abolish poison on myself a while ago and just started eating the viper stings because I have infinite mana as a lifebloomer, and my warrior has 100% hp. We are looking good except I am at 75% health. So, I start lifeblooming myself and I notice my shamang turn ghost wolf and run into the frey. "Wtf..." I think to myself as I am feverishly healing myself through the warlock dots. Then I notice that my shamang is at 30% hp suddenly, and I have no idea where he is. So, I have to run into the frey trying to get LoS and into range for heals. I am yelling "WHERE ARE YOU!?!?" on vent trying to figure it out and he says "I am in their starting area."

"WTF... why are you in the starting location, I can't heal you in there."

"I'm fine, I just took some shadowbolts and sw:d to the face, so I'm healing up while the warrior smashes the priest."

At this point, I had been running around feverishly looking for him (I was foaming at the mouth livid at this point) and I notice my health is at 30%.


Fear, dots, sbolt and sw:d kill me. So, I am yelling now... but I don't have vent queued up because I don't think that my teammates need me yelling in their ears when it just became undergeared and oom shamang + warrior versus 100% warlock 75% priest with 50% mana. So, I start spectating and giving calm advice, like "shamang... why do you not have water shield up" and "shamang... why do you not have water shield up again?" Another favorite quote from that match is "SWEET JESUS PUT UP WATER SHIELD IT'S FREE AND THE WARRIOR NEEDS HEALS."

Eventually, they bested that team and won us a sweet 14 points. Yeah, they weren't even worth that in my opinion. They were terrible and I only died because of lack of communication from my team mate. So, I go into a diatribe about how "if you are not casting a heal or putting down a totem, you are refreshing water shield as it costs no mana and gives you great mana regen." Honestly, it took me 45 minutes to say the essay version of that sentence. He would ask questions like "but what if it has 2 charges left and I am not doing anything but LoS'ing them?" to which I would respond "then you cast water shield."

Apparently, and I only found this out this morning but, if one were to continually casting watershield over and over and over again, each cast would give 50 mana along with the 50mp5 given from water shield. Effectively, this raises the mp5 of watershield (while not having to heal... which is a lot of the time on our team) to ... my windows calculator has gone missing. How odd... anyway, it's a lot. Use water shield all the time... this makes me want to finish up grinding out my shamang.