Man, I really enjoy this spec because it honestly will never oom. Also, you have the added survivability against melee early-on in fights. Here's a question though: restokin seems to work well with outlast classes and/or control classes. For instance, it works well with rogues because of the high mobility/survivability/damage output. Also, it works well with hunters (when the hunter is good) because hunters can control fights reasonably well given their traps and wingclip, etc. Also, both these classes are not prone to taking huge burst damage. So, I was wondering, why are there so few restokin+sl/sl combos? Sl/sl will deal damage all day and night, and restokins will never oom. I just don't see how that can lose, even against a drain team. I dunno... just a simple musing.

Additionally, I watched Tombstone last night. Man, Val Kilmer is a pimp as Doc Holliday.

"Johnny Ringo... I'm your huckleberry."