So, after feeling a bit under the weather on Friday, I wake up bright and early on Saturday feeling rejuvenated. I am still sick, but definitely in better spirits about it. So, I log on, and start doing some bgs thinking that I will need a weapon to replace my blue feral staff from Botanica. I just get an inkling... a feeling like I really want to do some real PvP. I started looking into Power Auras when my brother finally woke up. So, I say "hey, log on to your warrior, I want to test this new addon... it'll help with spell reflect for sure!" He logs on, we test it out, I get it to my liking, and I say "hey, let's just do some druid+warrior 2s."

So, reluctantly he agrees and I log on to the druid. We are at basically the low 1700s at the moment, and we start facing up. We get mage+priest early, and just flat out dominate them (I'm not entirely sure how the expect to win against a team that can out-heal their dps, avoid their mana drain, drink at a moment's content, and reflect 1/3 of their burst). We lose to a truly amazingly geared warlock+druid, but beat a comparably geared druid+warrior. At this point, we are feeling pretty good as we have just beaten one of our toughest matchups in "comparably geared mirror match." So, we just keep on rolling, we lose to a mage+rogue because of my poor positioning, so we talk about it a little bit and come up with a better plan for that team. We face druid+hunter, but we outgear them and so we stomp them pretty badly. Then we face warrior+druid, but they outgear us and we win because the druid was having lag problems. Also, we stomp priest+mage a few more times, I guess they can beat something because they kept losing 13 to us every third match or so.

So... we fight mage+rogue and win using the new strat and also due to an AMAZING bit of playing by kurrin: I'm getting low, the mage has LoS on me, I get kidney-shot... this is getting bad when Kurrin pulls his AoE fear out of his ass and gives me a breather to get out of LoS on the mage with the rogue low. The fear hits both of them, but the rogue and the mage both trinket out, the point was to give me enough time to break LoS on the mage and get some more hots and abolish up, which I did. THEN, almost immediately after the mage trinkets, he's figuring to start the gib-train by poly'ing Kurrin, which Kurrin notices and spell-reflects at the last second. We had the match at this point, because Kurrin was free to waltz over and smash the rogue to death without worrying about burst from the mage. We win this match and it takes us to 1789 team with 1785 personal ratings each. We have not been talking about it, and we sure as hell were not going to start now.

We get the same team, but this time it was on Lordaeron, so we expect the match to be MUCH harder because of the LoS issues being harder to maneuver. For instance, we start against mage+rogue really defensive and I position myself as far away with as many obstacles between the mage and myself as possible, immediately abolish myself and rejuv, followed by as many lifeblooms as I can. Usually the mage will blink out of the charge stun, so doing this trick early is best because the rogue will open up on me with all my hots up and the mage cannot make LoS on me until after KS is spent. Anyway, we end up playing as hard as humanly possible for us, and with about 1000 hp left in kurrin and innervate going with 200 mana on me, we kill the rogue and start ducking LoS on the mage. We take the match. However, we still needed 15 personal rating at the very least and we had been getting screwed with 15 point matches that give us 12 personal rating up to this point.

Vent: "come on... come on... come on... YES!!!!"

1800 personal rating on the button.

Kurrin is now sporting the s3 mace with Executioner... and it makes a huge difference.