Chaos Bolt What's not to like about a high damage output, quickly cast nuke that gets benefits from more than half the talents in the tree? Oh yeah, and it shoots through schools. Pally bubbled? Meh... time for Chaos Bolt to lawlgib him.

Demonic Circle Man... giving a destruction warlock MIGHT be the worst idea in the world... but it is a really neat idea on how it is implemented. The only question I have is will my opponents be able to see my teleport area on the ground, or not. If not... then I could foresee chasing down a druid into a corner while a warrior is cc'd, then teleporting back to the warrior (who is attacking guntir) and gibbing him while the druid runs back.

Fel Intelligence While I will miss Paranoia, it's only really useful at the beginning of a match... and only for certain opponents... and let's face it, we aren't going to be beating any rogue teams worth their salt with or without paranoia... so having more int and spirit will be helpful... if only as a debuff buffer.

Shadow Flame An AoE attack that does decent damage, has a short cooldown, is instant cast, and gets affected by over half my destruction talents? Again, what's not to like!? The only downside is the huge mana cost... which MIGHT be addressed soon...?

Backdraft When I cast conflag... it increases the casting speed of my next 3 destro spells by 30%. So, that's 1.05 second immolate, followed by 1.75 sbolt, 1.75 sbolt... if this makes it into the actual game, you KNOW I will be destruction spec'd... because we can call the gib out over vent by "casting conflag."

Pyroclasm The conflag buffs continue. This is a 2-point talent that gives a bunch of spells one never uses a 26% chance to stun the opponent for 3 seconds. They added Conflagration to the list of spells that can proc it. For 2 points, giving conflag a 1/4 chance to stun for 3 seconds is just ridiculous. This (coupled with Backdraft) make conflag one of the best tools in the PvP-Destro's arsenal.

Shadowfury Can now be cast while moving... essentially giving destro locks "shadow grenade." Also, the stun has been buffed from 2 to 3 seconds... which is amazing.

Cataclysm Currently decreases mana cost of destro spells by 5% for 5 points... terribad. Turned into a 3 point talent, gone from 5% to 6% mana reduction (which would be bad if not for) also increases your chance to hit with destro spells by 3%. Now it's amazing... no more gemming for the PvP hit, or wearing stupid trinkets to get enough. I can live with a 1% spell-miss chance.

Molten Core A lot of people have misgivings about this spell. The PvE hardcores are complaining because they only want to cast shadowbolt. The PvPers aren't destro (by and large) and have no idea how good this will be. Essentially, with my PvP-destro spec, I have Corruption out there all the time for added damage (and some damage to off-targets if necessary). Each tick of Corruption has a chance of increasing my fire damage by 10%. My fire damage already has a 10% damage bonus from Emberstorm, a 10% damage bonus from CoE, and a 5% damage bonus from Misery (when I'm with Guntir); with 1000 spell damage, Chaos Bolt would HIT for 2k.

Improved Fear Just amazing... if someone resists my fear, I get an instant-cast fear (if they made it free to boot, I'd be in heaven).

BUT THE NUMBER ONE THING I LOVE MOST ABOUT THE TALENT TREES FOR WARLOCKS RIGHT NOW... I can spec both Nightfall and Backlash+Chaos Bolt without giving anything up that I couldn't live without.

Here is the spec.

I can just imagine it now... casting Chaos Bolt, Nightfall/Backlash procs, drop the 5k instant-attack on my opponent. Also... Backdraft is truly going to open the flood-gates for gibbings. Make a macro along these lines:

#showtooltip Conflag
/cast Conflagrate
/cast [target=focus] Spell Lock;

which will silence the healer for 3 seconds while I drop 1.75 sbolt, 1.75 sbolt, 1.05 Chaos Bolt on the opponent... and if they live I'll put back up immolate and dots and wait for the next attempt... right after I drop shadowburn+deathcoil+shadowflame+shadowfury (my instants)... JEBUS... so many instants for the gib-factor...