I KNEW IT... I FUCKING KNEW IT. There's just no way around it now: Blizzard hates me and my brother. Hate is a strong word, and it's the only word that can describe how Blizzard feels about us and why they therefore treat us like crap at every available opportunity.

This link shows Blizzard's acknowledgment of a bug that has existed since the onset of the arena. Why does this prove that Blizzard hate us?

Power word shield does not work on feral druids.

Are you fucking kidding me?

... at least they're fixing it, but this totally screwed up our first week of arena ... my anger is palpable.


Alright, Guntir and I did extensive testing on the PTR and found that Primal Tenacity was causing the bug, we reported it, and a blue has locked the thread giving me hope that it will be resolved by release.