Alrighty... we're finally hitting 80 (most of us later than Guntir and Esqueleto... grats to you nubs; get a job) and starting to look at instances/raid content for gear. Essentially, we think that we should be able to muster enough for a Naxxramas 10-man raid, which drops reasonably good gear (much better than our s4 gear in every regard except resilience >_<). We will probably start running some 5-mans to get better blue gear to get ready for a Naxx10 run.

My friend Lelon who is in a big raiding guild on a different server (one of the server's first full clears of Naxx25, etc) has suggested that we could most likely rag-tag together 2 wings of Naxx10 with our current gear (and some respecs) and after a week or two of gearing up there, we would be able to clear the rest. The only question becomes raid composition.

We have a feral druid, a disc/holy priest (whom is suggested to go a pve holy spec for Naxx10 to make things easier), a frostfire mage, and a combat rogue (who needs to hurry up and ding 80 already). Based on this rue, it was suggested to me to use this composition when deciding that last few spots. We know a real jackass whom we like playing with who likes to tank, so we will probably use him as the MT of the raid if he's up for it (lookin' your way ghoster), but the last spots are basically unknowns to us. We have a small guild after all, and getting new blood has always been a concern of ours. To tally it all off, we are going to need the following:

1) BM Hunter
2) Ret pally (for Replenishment 100% uptime)
3) Resto druid
4) Resto shamang
5) Affliction lock / boomkin

Obviously the hardest spots to fill will be healers as they have traditionally been the bane of any raid makeup, although with guaranteed drops, it should be less of a problem. For instance, all the agi/crit mail would go to the hunter without any competition. Same with ALL the dps plate, it would mainly go to the ret pally (and get greeded by the tanking dk). The resto druid would get all the healing leather, the resto shamang would get all the healing mail. However, then we have the last slot which is going to step on someone's toes; either the lock rolls on the mage gear and there's some competition there, or the boomkin rolls on some of the resto druid's leather. I would rather see the boomkin in the raid as they bring the same stuff as the lock (for the most part) but don't roll against any other slot as much.

So, to all the guild leaders and officers, please keep your eyes open for decently geared people who would like to fill this roll. Naxx is on a 7 day reset timer, so timing shouldn't be a HUGE problem, but we would look at evening play, so most west-coasters would be preferred, but midwesters with no problem staying up late would be welcomed as well. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday would LIKELY be the scheduled evenings for 10-man raiding, with Saturday/Sunday as optional pickup days if we are slow or fast (the assumption being that we would start slowly and need to finish up a wing on those days with us eventually getting the first 2 wings done on Thursday, having a head of steam on Saturday and trying out the next wing).