Okay, I realize that week 3 doesn't officially start until tomorrow; however, we hit our goal of 2100 with the shortened schedule (Biostrife had tons of exams today so we had to play it a bit oddly to make sure that Trake got points etc etc). At the point we're at now, arena-points-wise, we may need to hit 2200 this week and retain it next week to ensure that we have enough points at the start of week 5 to purchase the 2200 weapons... but I've been doing the BG-daily every day, so hopefully it won't be too big a problem. The REAL issue still at hand will be WHO has hit the 2200 mark.

Right now, we keep playing either 1900 teams that we faceroll, or 2400 teams who take us toe-to-toe, but eventually beat us (with a few small RMP exceptions as Hunter+Feral+Disc). The good part about this is that when we win, we gain 10-15 depending on the opponents' MMR, and when we lose to the 2400 teams, we only lose 3-5. So, our overall team/personal ratings continue to grow. This will be an important factor in helping determine whether we should make a push for just Guntir and I to hit 2200 for week 4, or Guntir, Bio, and myself (additionally, we are basically weaning the Rogue off the team... which is a bummer but the comp just isn't as viable as it once was).

Oh... so we were talking with Jaywow (a 5-6 time gladiator shammy who just went Enhance the other day) and basically decided that we should start a faceroll 5s team (which we did).


We played 6 games (just to get a flavor) and won them all... even after going down a player in a few games. It's actually pretty surprising, but the majority of the teams we faced (and there were about half above 2k) were all up-front damage-dealers and couldn't keep up with the sustained output of our team (Hunter+Feral is a MONSTER once the healers have popped their trinkets and get double-cc'd). We are probably going to do some more of this 5s comp once we get 2200 in 3s. The idea would be that we get our weapons from 3s, sit on the rating to buy the rest, and play 5v5s for funsies and points the rest of the season... with a small chance at making a 2200 run (and I think that comp REALLY could do it)... then we get everyone "Last Man Standing" and collect our "Arena Master" titles.