[quote]Death knights, druids, hunters, mages, rogues, warlocks, warriors, oh my! For those participating in our public testing of the upcoming minor content patch 3.3.3, look out this week for a host of fascinating new adjustments to these classes. Chains of Ice innately does what? Nature's Grasp has how many charges? Vitalit...y boosts stamina by how much? Stay tuned to find out the answer to these and more questions![/quote]

There's a fun little post by a hereto unknown Blizzard rep. It's a little bit confusing given the old ways of keeping in touch with the masses; but it's definitely better than the silence Ferals have been receiving lately. Hopefully, Ferals will see some quality of life changes to help us in the arena (cough - Barkskin always gets dispelled, Infected Wounds always gets dispelled, etc).

Okay... so when we last left out heroes, they were drowning on Blizzard's MMR system getting choked out by 1700 RMPs and keeping a 50:50 win-ratio against everything else netting in a 60 rating plunge.

Since then, we did 4 (that's right... four) additional games with the Rogue on Monday. We would have done more, but for one reason or another, he was lagging in Vent only (not in game... very odd) so calling out hardswitches was impossible. In the middle of the last match (Disc+Holy+Warrior), I was calling switches to make them blow cooldowns to set up for the kill and Trake was completely gone... he had started resorting to "target whomever Rey is targeting" as a last-ditch effort. Long-story-short, we went 4-0 beating three 1800-rated teams for a total of 15 points, and one 2150 Disc+Holy+Warrior team (not the same one at the end) for another 15 points. So, in four games we halved our plunge and got back to a respectable 2074.

Which, of course, means that week four (starting today for us) is going to be a grinding nightmare. We will need to grind all the way to 2200 and sit there, which poses two problems: 1) Grinding 126 rating in one week; and 2) getting 2200 and convincing the two others on the team to stop so Guntir and I can buy our 2200 weapons come next Tuesday.