Bladestorm: Warriors can now be Disarmed while under the effects of this ability.


Guntir's pally is now 4/5 Furious with some decent purple off-pieces (and he has a pvp trinket now)... so we're going to start playing Feral+Hunter+Pally pretty soon (probably not this week). In fact, I'm so disenfranchised with Feral+Hunter+Disc at the moment that I'm trying to talk them into rolling Marks+Resto+Disc for 10 matches this week to see what happens. I've seen this comp run this season, it's the #1 team on Retaliation; it's very strong, but my off-set is not amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

We'll see. The brostorm nerf is amazing... if nothing else, Bio should be able to re-actively disarm the Warrior with Chimera Shot to lessen the damage a bit. All things considered, it's a good change.


Speaking of Guntir's pally... here's some 2s footage of Feral+Holy. We haven't worked out all the kinks yet, and Guntir's pally is still pretty squishy when you get right down to it (only 600 resil >_<), but we did alright; we hit 1300 so he could buy his belt...

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