Okay, we finally ran some of this comp; it's kind of silly how hard you can train some targets. We love seeing Warlocks and Priests... most of those teams are free points (with the sole exception being Rogue+Shadow/Lock+Sham). We picked up Seere after his semester ended and started running some games with him for fun. Again, we are pretty ingrained to our rating at the moment, so it's hard to believe we would go up or down very much. As expected, we played basically nothing but 1800 teams which we, for the most part, rofl-stomped over and over again.

My favorite 1800 team was a priest variant of PHD... which is a terrible comp, in case you were wondering. They would train me the entire game long, and since the majority of their damage comes from the Hunter, I would simply sit on him and try to keep him in range so he could not hit me reliably with nukes. Guntir (on his pally) just pelted Flash of Lights into me, and Seere sat on the Priest and eventually solo'd him down. There is just nothing that this team can do to us... they don't have enough damage output, I can "turn off" their damage by FC(B)'ing the Hunter, then hitting him with Entangling Roots and sitting on the spot attacking the DK, and I can throw Cyclones out when he actually starts making some distance.

We're in talks with a guy named Merkcity. He has been 2500+ in 3s before on his warrior and was dropped from his team (WLD) in favor of adding another spell-caster for that all-too-dominant global-cleave team. He is currently on one of the top10 5v5s teams on our BG, though... so don't feel TOO badly for him. Again, we have been talking to him over the last few weeks and we might end up picking him up for our 3s team to see how high we could climb. Not to talk discouragingly about our previous or current team-members, but it would be extremely refreshing to have a teammate who communicates well and can act correctly without needing instruction from either myself or Guntir.

It's actually quite interesting; Merk has roughly the same paper-doll damage, crit, hit, and hit points as Seere (who is in FULL Wrathful with a T1 weapon), but he has given up ~250 resilience in favor of about 700 ArP (and he's wearing a DBW... not too bad). My guess is that his damage output will be MUCH stronger than Seere's and he will not have given up a HUGE amount of damage reduction from resilience (sure, some... but not a ton). With this in mind, hopefully we can get some games in with Merk today, it would be nice to see how that team plays when the warrior is stellar at his play and dealing tons more damage to boot.

Not a lot to talk about otherwise... sadly we are still in that black hole when we cannot discuss any of the potential changes for Cataclysm and nothing too much is going on in the real game. I applied for the Cataclysm Beta via the essay contest (of course). I do not have high expectations given that my guild is rather small and consisting of mainly alts... but hopefully they won't look into that too much. After all, we DO participate in most the PTRs, provide feedback and bug reports, and we have a few members (me and guntir) who were in the Wrath Beta period... so hopefully they will toss us an early invite to the Cata Beta.

On a personal note: I have been getting fever blisters for YEARS; literally since birth. I was turned on to something called "L-Lysine" by my girlfriend's mother. Lysine is a pill you can buy from just about any drugstore, and the SECOND I start feeling like I might be getting a fever blister, I take one 500mg pill. I follow that with an additional pill every morning until it is gone.

Basically, I was being stupid a month or two ago and thought it was a pimple, let it go, and had a fever blister for 3 weeks. However, I felt one on my lip just two days ago, started my treatment, and it's basically gone today (it probably WILL be gone tomorrow). I just thought I would share this little factoid in the off-chance any of you get fever blisters, canker sores, etc as well.