I got/installed my SSD as my boot drive last week. I don't remember writing this or not. Anyway... it's STUPID fast, I'd highly suggest moving to SSD technology as the boot solution for most WoW-ers.

I logged out in Dalaran and shut down my computer for a night. The next day, I booted up cold (it took roughly 3 seconds for a full boot-up... it was hawt!), then I loaded into Dalaran at peak hours (around 8:30P server time) and it had a 2 second loading screen followed by EVERY TEXTURE AND PLAYER loaded before I could move in the blink of an eye... it was amazing.

On another note... we have been straight TANKING our 3s team. We're below 2k now, and we show every sign of failing harder and harder. I think we've lost the will to succeed. Guntir's finals are next week, and we've only been playing 10 games a week for the last few weeks for points. His pally is 3/5 Wrathful, full offset, and MH+Shield now... so he's pretty geared. We're thinking of just going back to 2s for the easy-mode 2200 (prolly higher... no one really plays 2s anymore)... we'll see what next week brings.

Given that we're lulling a bit in PvP, I've been gearing out my Rogue, who is spec'd Shs for BGs and Mutivenom for Arenas. ShS+BS is the way Rogues were MEANT to be played. It's SOOOO much more fun than anything else... you have to mind your cooldowns, use your burst appropriately, and be ever-mindful of ShS's CD.

Another thing I've been doing... PORTAL

That's right, Steam for Mac was released yesterday and I am in the room directly before GladOs. The game is very snappy ...


Holy shit... I forgot I was writing this... it's not a few days later... better post it!