As far as the eye can see, there are nothing but bads. We went 10-1 this week (with a tie that doesn't get counted) and ended up climbing the 2v2s team back to 2260ish. The sad part is that we face teams who are 2200 and are absolutely awful. I mean, these guys are atrocious and they are rated similarly to us. We went against a Rogue+Mage team who blocked in my opener, Cloaked FFF, then proceeded to get Nature's Grasp kited the entire match while I killed his Mage, and they were 2250. We beat a 2350 FrostMage+Disc team who were actually decent but had no idea how to control Guntir's shammy or me. They would line up burst, get me to 25% hp while their Mage is in dire straights and I'd just keep dps'ing until Guntir topped me off... it's really not hard.

I haven't been posting much... I know. I haven't put up a video in a month... I know. Here is my big problem: the game is broken right now and I have no reason to play. Yeah, Guntir and I could try and squeeze in more games every week and get some decent points under us (and rating to boot), but there is no point to hitting 2500 in 2s except it makes you feel like a big man. I have all the best in slot PvP gear (as does both of Guntir's chars) and I am sitting on 7k conquest points wondering what to do with them. At first, I was disenchanting PvP gear for Maelstrom Crystals and selling them on the auction house for 1.4k, but now the prices have fallen out since 4.1 is likely dropping next week and they will be attainable via honor. I could still probably stock up and get 14k or some from all my conquest points... but I already have ~17k gold and I maxed out my professions... I don't know what else to do.

I do not enjoy grinding up my alts... that bores me pretty badly. Supposedly, next patch I will be able to trade in Conquest Points for PvE gear, so I might end up looking for OP trinkets or some such to buy. However, this is all beside the point.

Why do I do arenas?

Because they are fun.

Why aren't I doing more arenas now?

Because the game is so broken that arenas are not even fun.

Basically, I am tired of going against DK+Healer or Warrior+Healer and they play like crap with zero coordination, but end up either globaling someone (more the warrior) or simply outlasting our mana pool (more the DK). We played a Marks+RDruid team this week and it went to length. These guys ended up being on our server and they whispered me and said that the Hunter's bow went to 0 durability mid-way through the match and he started using his S8 bow instead... we couldn't land a kill because of the ridiculous peeling from the Hunter coupled with infinite mana on the part of the Druid and they couldn't land a kill on us with or without a good bow.

The state of the game at the moment is kind of silly. The 4.1 patch will make some thing better... obviously, Warriors will have a much more difficult time 100-0'ing someone after the Colossus Smash nerf, but DKs are getting more sustained damage and none of their survivability is going down. I really do not understand how Blizz does these things; it is like they see a problem, fix it, and then deliberately break something else.

Speaking of Blizzard, they had a post from GC (around the water cooler or w/e it's called) where he was discussing healing effects and critical hits. As a summary, critical heals have always been a 1.5 multiplier whereas physical critical hits were always a 2.0 and in Cataclysm, all casters were given 2.0 critical multipliers as well. This leaves healers in a position where they simply do not value critical strike rating very highly because it would only amount to, at best, a fifty-percent return on investment whereas it is a roughly double return for damage-dealers.

With me (him) so far? Okay, so he says that the devs have been toying with the idea of giving healers double-healing criticals to make them value crit as a stat. This change would do a lot for burst-healing in general as well as empowering healers by giving healers who rely on actual heals that can crit (non-shields) a boon over those who do not (Disc uses PW:S etc which cannot crit). Okay, well every healer would see more healing for "free" from this change.

Then GC goes on to say that they think that healing might be too powerful in PvP and that the tooltips for talents like Mortal Strike have been left intentionally vague for 4.1. The idea here is that a 50% MS was entirely too powerful and was obviously "required" in every previous arena season (except 8 where burst was king). The devs do not want to go back to the "MS is required" PvP scene, but states that "healing might be OP in PvP" and "what if MS was 20% to counter this?"

Are you serious?

You just stated:

1) You don't want MS to be mandatory for PvP
2) Healing might be OP

and your conclusion was "maybe we will buff MS a little bit"??? Are you trolling me GC? You take those two premises and come to the conclusion that goes against both of them... healing would continue to be a bit too powerful and MS would again become mandatory in PvP. WAHMP WAHMP. Hopefully enough stink will have been raised on this issue that it would never happen... the healers critting for double makes some sense to me, but then I would worry that healing would become even more powerful if that should come to pass. These really seem like design changes that should have been brought up during Cata's alpha period...

Just sayin'...

Oh yeah, no word from that Frost Mage yet concerning 3s. /shrug

4.1 should drop next week (hopefully), and that might mean I record videos again, but we will just have to wait and see.