It has been a while since I posted anything; please allow me to explain. First, I had LASIK surgery performed on March 31, so I had been in recuperation mode for a bit; second, I have been playing less and less because 4.0.6 is simply broken. I could go into great detail over why I believe the current instantiation of the game is broken, but these reasons are fairly self-evident: warrior's gross damage; DK's ability to never die or be snared coupled with NS (the most blatantly OP ability ever - more so than MS at the height of its reign, imho); etc.

Guntir and I have been playing less and less and basically have been rocking 10 wins a week, and for the last couple weeks we have not even managed a 50-50 record because of our skill atrophying coupled with the aforementioned brokenness of the game. My problem is largely one of a lack of motivation. As with everything else, I find myself asking "why even bother?" I have tons of gold now (thanks to DE'ing PvP purps and selling Maelstrom Crystals for silly amounts), I have all the best gear (save for the PvP trinkets, which I figure I will buy when 4.1 hits since I'm still making money on the MCs) available, and I have never been fond of alts. On top of the fact that I have no tangible motivation for playing, I have no subtle drive either being as every other team we play these days are cheese-dick comps abusing the imbalances of the current game (blood+blood, war+hunt) or a 2500 comp that we have a shot against (and we only go 50-50 against these most the time anyway). We did 4 wins on Tuesday, but then got pitted against a DK+Disc team 5 times and my morale was shaken to the core (can't train the DK because he's unkillable and can't train the Priest because the DK will kill Guntir).

I find myself hating 2v2s more and more each day I play the bracket. The imbalances just jump out at me. We faced a 2600 Hunter+Warrior who 100-0'd me in Guntir's GCD from his trinket... clearly we were outplayed. The silver lining, of course, is that 4.1 aims to correct a LOT of these imbalances (or at least calm them down a bit). Warrior burst damage is getting gutted via Colossus Smash's effect being halved and their control/mobility is being reduced somewhat via Charge going back to a 1.5s stun (which means their stupid "charge stuns 2 additional nearby targets when used" is less effective as well).

Additionally, Blood DKs are being tweaked to only allow Blood Shield to work in Blood Presence... which I am told means that their survivability in PvP will either go down or the damage output will go down. It makes SOME sense to me, since Glyph of Dark Succor suggests that the heal from Death Strike only happens in Unholy or Frost Presence, so they will either deal damage, or they will survive, but not both. I simply do not understand DKs, but I do not really see this changing much except the stance in which PvP-Bloods dps in... they will drop Glyph of Dark Succor in favor of keeping Blood Shield up as much as possible and spam Death Strike when they are getting trained... right? All this does is make them miss out on 15% haste... which does not really equate to amazing damage for DKs anyway... so, I'm still extremely hesitant to believe that this will fix everything.

Warlocks and Mages keep getting buffs; I see a buff for Warlocks or Mages every build on the PTR. It seems like LFD is going to probably come back in full force (though it's pretty decent right now anyway) when 4.1 arrives. However, Frost Mage control has been hit pretty hard and their ability to nuke on the run has also been hit by Fingers of Frost no longer proc'ing from defensive chill effects (Ice Armor), which means that Frost Mages will have to use one of their root effects to actually use a Deep Freeze again. This is kind of a big deal when going against melees because Frost Mages often use their root effects to set up damage while kiting rather than just setting up burst attempts. In 4.1, using a root effect will mean proc'ing FoF which will mean that Deep Freeze can be used either on the healer or the kill-target, and if it is used on the kill-target, then that is at least two CC DR categories being started. /shrug

Feral+Frost+Disc will still be an amazing comp next patch. It will revolve (as usual) around keeping the Feral or the Mage alive long enough to land a GOOD combo of CC on the healer and root+rape on the kill target while whatever is training the priest gets peeled well enough for him to nuke. I envision this comp playing a LOT like Hydra plays RMP: balls-to-the-walls offensive out the gate and nuke something till they dead.

I really want to find a great mage to start running this comp; I am sick of 2s at the moment.