I will make this one brief - there is not much to say about this PTR build except for a few things gleaned. As I mentioned in the last post, it seems that Blizz is actually attempting to fix Ferocious Bite into an ability that will be used in the PvE rotation, but they ended up making the glyph heal for 1% of our total HP for every 10 energy consumed by FB. This somewhat made sense, but was simply not the greatest glyph in the world as a max-energy Ferocious Bite would only heal for 5% of our total hp (while LotP procs roughly every 6s and heals 4%) and take up a glyph slot.

Well, now it makes even less sense. Ferocious Bite, based on the tooltip from this build, no longer consumes additional energy but heals for 1% total hp for each 10 energy consumed. This means that Ferocious Bite is a 25 energy ability that heals for 2.5% total hp and does basically bad damage. I have not run the numbers or had a chance to test it out yet, but my initial guess is that Ferocious Bite is still going to be doing less damage than Shred at 25 energy... and cost 5 combo points.

I don't know exactly what Blizzard's plan is here, but they have effectively taken away the only bit of burst that Ferals had in PvP. We used FB against clothies when they were low and we had 5 combo points and 70 energy; the additional burst was amazing. Now we will be doing less than half that damage at about 1/3 the cost in energy, but the exact same cost in CPs. Yes, we are energy-starved a lot, but CP-gen is the more painful of our costs... I don't see this getting FB into the rotation OR helping Ferals in PvP at all without some further changes.

On a related note, this patch doesn't seem to have done anything to Glyph of Ferocious Bite, so there is at least a small chance that Blizz will be doing something on that front as well. At the moment, if nothing else were to change, FB could be glyphed to a 25-energy finisher that would heal 5% total HP.