I will be keeping this short and sweet and just touching on some of the changes in the latest build. First and foremost, I need to update the change to Ferocious Bite; previously, the devs had said it would be buffed roughly 15%, but in reality the PTR went up with it only getting a 12% buff to the base damage of the ability, while the scalability remained the same.

Ferocious Bite now costs 25 Energy, down from 35. Now consumes up to 25 additional energy, down from 35. Base damage increased by 12%, from [380 + 54.5% of AP]-[615 + 54.5% of AP] to [410 + 54.5% of AP]-[680 + 54.5% of AP] at 5 Combo Points. (Check tooltip for less combo points)

So, that is a little bit less of a damage buff than I had originally assumed it would be. Additionally, with the scalability of every other direct damage ability we have going up, I would not be surprised if FB remained out of the PvE rotation simply because Shred might actually outscale it in damage before the next tier of gear. This is Blizzard's sad attempt, again, at balancing an underpowered class by throwing more damage at it randomly. While a 50-energy FB is definitely going to do more than a 40-energy Shred in PvP, it is unclear whether it will be worth the damage-difference in PvE; it will do more damage, but how MUCH more.

Okay, this build they changed Glyph of Ferocious Bite:

Glyph of Ferocious Bite has been redesigned. It now causes Ferocious Bite to heal the caster for 1% of maximum health for each 10 energy used.

So, if you were to use a 50-energy FB and have devoted a Major Glyph to it, it would heal you for 5% of your total health. This is, to put it bluntly, terrible. For example, Leader of the Pack gives us 4% of our total hp roughly every 6 seconds for simply white-swinging at a target. They made FB give us roughly one additional LotP proc for using 50 energy and 5 combo points? This change just means that no one will ever take the Glyph of Ferocious Bite... ever.

There are some other changes worth mentioned (sadly, non-Druid changes), namely Denounce was changed to no longer give instant/free Exorcisms, but instead cause Exorcism'd targets to be unable to crit for 6s. While this new debuff is dispellable, one can see pretty easily that this is a rather bold change for Blizz. Holy needed some utility, but I don't think it was in the way of more offensive pressure; being the only healer in the game to be able to keep OTHER healers from critically healing themselves (particularly with the change to crit-heals becoming 200% from 150%) is HUGE!

In addition, Retribution is making its way back as Selfless Healer will reduce the cooldown on Word of Glory by 10 seconds. The thing I do not understand about this change is how Blizz is even thinking about this. For one, having a 20s cooldown heal that heals others for RIDICULOUS amounts (we are talking 20-30k crit heals here... and with that being made into a 200% heal bonus we're talking more) is silly in and off itself, but making it a 10s cooldown means that it will ALWAYS be up when they need it. Secondly, if every other spec has a perk that lowers to the cooldown to zero, why even tack this onto a talent... why not just make the baseline cooldown 10s and be done with it? It makes no sense to me. In my opinion, dps classes should not be able to throw out heals anyway, but I am in the minority on this train of thought.

Priests have got some interesting changes, most notably that basically all of the Shadow DoTs have been nerfed, and basically all of the Shadow burst has been buffed. Devouring Plague, Vampiric Touch, and Shadow Word: Pain have all been nerfed by 12% damage while Mind Flay, Shadow Word: Death, and (most surprisingly) Mind Blast have all been buffed 12% damage. This makes SOME sense, I suppose, since in PvP Shadow has trouble with getting and keeping their DoTs on a target without a Warlock present to provide UA, and their damage suffers so terribly when they cannot get their DoTs up. The funny thing about all this is that this just makes Disc even stronger as a utility-healer. Disc has always played the game of "absorb some damage, land some CC, turn and burn, if they didn't die, top everyone off, rinse and repeat!" Being given 1) more damage from Mind Blast, a 1.5s nuke that already HITS for 7-8k on resil'd targets, 2) more damage on SW:D, an instant-cast nuke that already HITS for 5-6k on resil'd targets, and 3) still having Holy Fire as a 1.5s nuke (talented) makes Disc very bursty. Additionally, Guntir is still rocking the glyph of SW:D which makes his kill-attempts pretty mean (if a bit a expensive).

Drain Life is getting nerfed 25%... good. I think that Warlocks need a bit of a kick in the teeth when it comes to solo-survivability. I mean, Blizzard nerfed Ferals for being "too independent" but leaves all these other classes which do not require a healer/dispeller sitting around to function well. Do not misunderstand me, I am not trying to imply that Warlocks are unbelievably overpowered while solo, but their self-healing for small windows when their healer is CC'd is absolutely staggering, and it makes 2s retarded.

Lastly, stacking 2/2 PvP sets will no longer award double-resilience. This is essentially the last slap in the face that Resto Shammies need to receive (well that and their mana pool still probably needs looking at... but w/e).