Sorry about that instead of a post on Monday, but I felt that I had to speak up on the matter. There is still a lot of work to be done to keep it from passing, but I'm done with my civil discourse for the moment.

Okay... yes... I re-upped my account. In fact, Guntir and I did some 2s for fun running Feral+RSham to shake off the cobwebs and we went like 9-3 or something and got to 1000 (woo). We both have Friday off, so we will likely be grinding that noise up quite a bit (hopefully 2k, but whatever). This time around, I am taking the game much more with a grain of salt and looking at it as a hobby that is fun for a bit. I really should not get so wrapped up in ratings or what-have-you as I was previously.

There were a few things I noticed upon my return, however. First, I have to say that damage is absolutely silly at the moment; I am hitting the target dummies for 50k from time to time in season nine gear and am twitching at the notion of going to season eleven gear. Second, Rogues are insane at the moment; as crazy as my ability to deal damage is, there's is much more bursty. Lastly, MS is right back where I said it would be; if you are going to run a comp these days, you need to have MS... again.

The Rogue thing was hilarious. We had a match against Rogue+HPal and Stevely was hanging strong and doing alright mana wise, but when the Rogue decided to swap to him, he'd have him from 140k hp to 10k hp inside a cheap shot. I do not know if it is just shadow dance or what, but Rogue burst has gotten insane in my absence. On the flip-side of things, we were facing off against 1500-2000 scrubs, wearing season nine gear, and mopping the floor with them. We had a match where I DC'd in the middle of it, came back without addons, and still beat a DK+Disco team because the Disc simply refused to trinket; I suppose he assumed his DK would live through my damage.

Oh yeah, that's another thing - when did DKs become awful at survivability against other melees? Is it just me, or can I train a DK straight into the ground, now? We faced a fair few of them and I kept finding myself with 15 seconds left on Rip, Rake and Mangle applied, and five combo points to use and a FCC. I would do the old FCC->FB->Ravage combo to drop some strong burst, though back in season nine that would only have done between 25 and 35k damage, and it would do anywhere from 50-60k damage. Again, maybe these guys are just really undergeared, but that seems like a huge amount of burst against a plate-wearer to me.

Oh yeah, Guntir played with his Warrior friend and says he's better at a lot of the subtleties than any of our previous 3s partners, though he needs to learn things like when to swap and when to back off. The nice thing is that he seems to have a grasp of the more technical aspects (one's which cannot easily be taught) and only needs to practice the simpler ones (or have me call out targets). I am looking forward to seeing what we can do as a 3s team.