Ugh... I had the most abysmal stomach flu set in early Saturday morning and I am still recuperating; hence the late post. On the other hand, I gave out two posts a week for the last few weeks, so it is probably a wash.

So, the end of the season has come and gone and yesterday marked the start of a new one. I have a few things to say about that, but firstly I wanted to mention this: Guntir was going to try and get some 2s games in with a guildy of his (mage, but mains a Warrior) and see if the guy is any good. If so, he was going to suggest running 3s with, wait for it, a Feral he has run with in the past and see how that bodes. It is still early and I have no idea whether he actually ended up playing with the guy or not, but I am interested to hear what he says.

That's right, I may be saddling back up before MoP and getting back into the PvP game to see how 3s fares this season as Feral. Sadly, I am an entire season behind on gear (I do not even remember the name of the gear I am wearing, but it was the season before the one that just ended all T2), but hopefully that will not end up mattering too much. Guntir had been playing 3s with some friends of his on his Priest (RMP) and they were getting pretty decent for beginners (somewhere in the 1600-1800 if I recall correctly), so if we do end up running 3s, I do not think it will be with Guntir but Stevely (his Shaman) instead. Supposedly, Feral+War+Sham is a decent comp at the moment.

I will try and post back when I hear from Guntir on how, or if, that went down.

Back to the new season in general! There were a lot of changes in 4.3 and not a lot of them made sense. Furthermore, being less and less attached to the WoW scene in recent months, I found it harder and harder to keep the changes made in my head. I felt like I saw that Rake got buffed at one point, but when I looked through the patch notes (and I scoured multiple versions of them) I never found that change again. Additionally, Blizzard took the initiative to nerf Wind Shear for Resto Shammies [finally] only to actually buff Wind Shear for Eles and Enhancement shammies. Enhancement in particular are scary anti-casters now; I do not know the scene well enough to speculate fully, but I would not be surprised to see some UnholyDK+Enh+Disco teams this season just because of the amazing caster-control.

Blizzard is moving Bears back to the stam-banks of yore. I never really understood why the decision was made to reduce the HP of bears in the first place. Unlike [insert any other tank here], Bears only have one means of mitigation (okay, we all have vengeance now, nevermind) in Dodge and the rest of that was made up for in superior damage reduction from armor and damage soak in a high health pool. When the health pool got cut down so long ago, the tanking scene for Ferals just changed too much. Additionally, in PvP going Bear used to be a defensive cooldown, of sorts, and with roughly the same HP as caster form, the only boon was gotten from the extra armor, which was also nerfed.

Anyway, we shall see how things play out. I suspect that 25% MS is going to be extremely strong in the current setting and we will see teams like TSG and KFC back at the top where the combined unhealable damage cooldowns and MS effects will make for nigh-unbeatable healer-zergs. Blizzard will likely, but do not hold me to this, end up removing healing reduction effects for MoP when this balance attempt does not pan out.