Okay, I have been crazy busy with the wedding and work and I did not get a chance to write anything yesterday. I had a great idea for a post, then forgot it and still have not remembered. In addition to all this, this week is the Blizzard Press Event, so we are largely at a standstill information-wise until next Tuesday when the NDA is lifted. To top all that noise, we have not even had any good arena games to mention... so I am truly at a loss for what to talk about.

I noticed a few more things about the MoP talent calculators that are worth mentioning if we assume what we see there is a solid representation of the game (which we largely cannot):

* Rogues no longer have Improved Ambush
* Rogues no longer have Puncturing Wounds
* Warriors no longer gain critical strike chance from Taste for Blood
* Warriors no longer gain critical strike chance from Juggernaut

Essentially, a lot of abilities which used to provide all-but-guaranteed critical strikes are being toned down (except for Ravage and Ferocious Bite for reasons unknown). In my opinion, this is a good thing; classes like Warrior/Ret/DK are based around doing heavy damage normally with a rather low chance to strike critically, so they should not have abilities which are guaranteed to critically strike. In that same vein, Rogues are a class balanced around their abilities striking critically often but definitely not every time, so it makes sense that abilities they use often in their normal damage rotation should not get a nigh-guaranteed critical strike.

Again, we have to take these sorts of observations with a grain of salt as anything and everything may have changed since the last push of the talent calculator given that we are in the middle of a press week. I expect that these, and many more, questions will be answered next week when the NDA has lifted.