Well hello again! Sorry about missing the majority of the beginning of the week, but things have been super busy on my end what with work getting extremely busy and the wedding coming soon. I have found it hard to log on outside of my dedicated Wednesday night PvP (if we can call it that at this point) sessions.

The first patch of the MoP beta has been pushed, and so far we have only seen, as is usually the case, data-mined stuff. This means that we have to take what we read with a grain of salt, as much of it is simply a tooltip error or a wording change that does not have any effect on the implementation itself. A good example of this is the change to Feral Charge (Cat), which was renamed Wild Charge (Cat), had its cooldown reduced to 15s (the people rejoice), had its cost removed (the people further rejoice), and can only be used in combat.

Wait, what?

Well, the MMO-Champion green text suggests that Wild Charge (Cat) can only be used in combat, but if one were to open the new tooltip link on wowdb, one would see that that is actually not the case. In fact, if one does a further search on wowdb for simply "Wild Charge", it becomes clear what that green text means - the Moonkin version of Wild Charge is ostensibly Disengage, and as such it does have the flag "can only be used in combat" as expected, but the Cat version can be used whenever.

I am still growling on the forums about Savage Roar comprising 30% of the overall Feral damage-dealing toolkit.

I will try and get more posts out as the beta continues, but right now I am so busy with everything else that posts will be short and sparse. Sorry guys, bare with me.