Officially content.

Mangle (Cat) has had it's damage upped from 160% + x to 200% + y (where y > x).
Rake has had it's damage upped (and now scales ridiculously) from [AP / 100 + 190] + [1161 + AP * 0.06] to [AP / 100 + 190] + [1161 + AP * 0.18] and while this buff might seem minor, let's do some quick math. I have 6k attack power with SR up, that's 1771 total damage buffed to 2491 (720 damage buff... nice).

A blue claimed they would be looking into the positional requirement for shred, but I think I could do without that now... I'd still welcome that change with open arms... but I don't feel that I NEED it anymore.

Additionally, honor points will definitely carry over from TBC to WotLK, but arena points will be wiped.

Also additionally, October 14 is the last day of season 4 of the arena, and the likely (95% certainty) release date of 3.0.