Season four ends on Tuesday and the 3.0 patch is scheduled to drop then as well. We finished this season at 1863 team rating on the druid+warrior, so I will get my s3 feral staff which is nice. Additionally, I spec'd restokin for fun and we did ~15 5s matches with hunter+feral+disc. We did surprisingly well considering how neither the priest nor myself were spending a horrible amount of time healing. We're probably going to continue Resto+Warrior after s4 ends, but with the new talents we're going to try out prot+resto because of the hilarious amount of damage prot is getting and the amount of stuns mixed with restos survivability. Also, we can probably duo MC a little easier with him as prot and me with Wild Growth.

Also, BlizzCon starts tomorrow and promises to have more updates, I'll be back with those.