I finally have a reason to post again. Quick update: arenas are laggy as shit, if one clicks too quickly on the "enter arena" button they'll get rocked and kicked out, leaving arena matches 2v0 or 2v1 or 1v1 a lot of the time, and retribution paladins are completely out-of-their-minds-OP right now due to crazily stacking multipliers on crusader strike and really short cooldown-wielding long-duration-having cc (repentance).

Okay, now that we're up to speed, I'm specing my druid for a healing touch build today. This spec, to be specific. "But Healing Touch is too hard to get off in most PvP scenarios!" Shut up and stop whining, I'm a busy man, I don't have time for your nonsense. Here, let's break it down:

I found some stacking that I don't believe Blizzard has fully looked at yet. I was trying to compare Flash Heal to Healing Touch (with the Healing Touch glyph) when I noticed something on the WoWWiki page. Priest's have Flash Heal, which is a 1.5 second cast heal and so it gets 42.86% of their healing with it for scaling purposes. Fine, but when I looked at Empowered Healing (used to give them 10% more spell power coefficients for Flash Heal, now it's 20%... but WoWWiki hasn't updated, so we'll stick with 10% for this experiment), I noticed that the total percentage was NOT 47.15% (which would be 42.86% * 110%), rather it was 52.86%.

"Why is this important, and how does it relate to Healing Touch!?"

I'm getting to that... jees, keep your pants on (unless you're a lovely lady, in which case I wouldn't hold it against you to remove them... send pics). There is a talent in the Restoration tree called "Empowered Touch" which does something similar to Empowered Healing, except the coefficient addition was designed around Healing Touch being (at best) a 3.0 sec cast, so they weighted it very heavily... 40% additional healing.

"Whoa... okay... so if I get the Glyph of Healing Touch and Empowered Touch, I'm looking at essentially a flash heal with an 82.86% coefficient?"

Damn skippy. I went and tried this on my level 70 druid on the beta server (since all servers are down for maintenance currently) and with the spec I linked before, Healing Touch is a 450 mana, 1.0 second, ~3k heal with my ~1800 healing.

"Holy pooping jehova! That's better than Flash Heal talented with 2500 healing..."

Yeah. It is. I don't think Blizz has come to terms with what they have given level 70 druids for the remaining time, but truth be told, I might not use Lifebloom anymore. Rejuvenation, Healing Touch, and Swiftmend... with 400mp5 from Dreamstate... yeah... that just happened.