is suggesting, given the following quote, that 3.2 will be released either tomorrow or the next day:

Zahora Hello,

Know first, you do not need to reinstall your game you have to keep a copy on another disk and then to recopy your original hard drive to work in this way, it ' there is no installation to be done or updated.

Then, If you need to reinstall the game, just use the DVD WOTLK, your game will be completely relocated to version 3.0.1.

Meanwhile, you can go to sites like:

- (Http://
- (Http://

updates are sorted by order, you must find all the updates up to version 3.1.3 ... and 3.2 from next Wednesday. (source)

Now... if you follow the link, you will notice something funny: it's in French. Here are my list of concerns with this post:

1) It's in French... the CMs (who aren't developers) tend to get this information wrong. There is a laundry-list of blue posts in the EU boards which have been simply incorrect over the years.
2) This suggests that 3.2 is coming out soon, and using this statement as a given, Blizzard is either ending season 6 without their usual two week reminder, or they will continue season 6 into 3.2... which was all but confirmed to NOT be the case by GC some time ago (apparently before the BlueTracker was implemented... or in a [NoTracking] post; either way I can't find the source. I suppose it's possible I'm dreaming this all up, but I believe he said 3.2 = s7).

Okay, so if s7 doesn't start when 3.2 drops... I'm going to have to relearn DKs on the live arena system??? What if DKs are utterly overpowered again (or underpowered, as laughable as that notion seems)... they can't expect DKs to relearn their class with new abilities in a live competitive system like the arena, can they? However, why would this CM suggest that we are within a week of seeing 3.2 being released unless that were the case? Additionally, if they simply end the season on the nose without the usual 2 week notice period, won't some competitive teams be missing out on information leading to the inevitable end-of-season-grind-for-gladiator-fest?

Or maybe that's the point... could Blizzard be doing this in an attempt to keep people playing their hardest ALL the time, not knowing exactly when the end will be? Remember, the end of season five marked the beginning of the one-week grace period where arena points continued, but titles were being worked out and the arenas were not playable. Perhaps Blizzard is using this as a means to stem the end-of-season-gladiator-grind by letting teams use their remaining one week buying the gear they need as a surprise ending to the season without having to announce 2 weeks ahead of time that the season is drawing to a close.

All heavy-handed speculation on my end... I still don't expect to see 3.2 released for AT LEAST 2 weeks, and that is only if Blizzard decides to announce the end of season six today or tomorrow. We shall see...