Okay, technically it came in after I left work yesterday, but still... it seems important.

Predatory Strikes now gives your finishing moves a 7/13/20% chance per combo point to make your next Nature spell with a cast time of less than 10 seconds (can't use Revive) instant cast. Yes, this means Cyclone. Yes, this means Entangling Roots. Yes, this means Healing Touch... yes this means a little more PvP love.

Since the patch notes don't explicitly state it, I figured I would put some information here:

1) The proc gives you a buff called Predatory Strikes
2) The proc LOOKS like the icon for PS
3) The proc is a physical buff (can't be purged/dispelled)
4) The proc doesn't appear to have an internal cooldown
5) The proc lasts 15 seconds

... wait, it lasts 15 seconds and doesn't have a cooldown? Doesn't that mean that I can get the proc, wait until I have 3-4 combo points on my train, insta-cyclone his healer, and by the time I use FB on him at 5cps, the healer's Cyclone will be just about done and I can then throw one on the train?

Yes, it is definitely looking that way. This is a HUGE step forward for Ferals. Season 7 Feral control class... fantastic!

Also, I'm going to be talk a bit about Armor Penetration later today if I can find the time.