Okay, finally hit 2k and got my shoulders. They look awesome, btw. I really am posting less and less, but with damned near 500 games played this season alone (for our first real 3v3 experience), it's getting difficult to find the time.

I was thinking about it; looking at the high-rated 3v3 teams who have roughly the same win-percentage as us... doesn't it seem odd that Blizz rewards teams who have hit 2900 in the past by making that their MMR and as long as they can maintain 50-50 they're guaranteed to get to 2500+? I mean, 47 point wins and 0 point losses until at least 2200, so they're guaranteed T2 weapons and full Relentless gear... just seems broken to me.

Oh well, if nothing else, we are getting our MMR above 2000 (hopefully above 2200) so that our climb next season will be less painful. Remember, our MMR is basically our TR because we have never participated in 3v3s at 80 before, so our 47 wins stopped around 1000... we had to grind that remaining 1000 rating at 10 a win and 10 a loss... definitely puts us at a disadvantage.

We had some AMAZING wins to hit that 2k mark, btw. The last two matches we played were VERY rough... got a RLS at 2400 MMR... we tried out our strat of "kill the lock and pet at the same time, hope for the best" and basically I died the same time the lock did. Then Seere and Guntir (who have NEVER run 2s in that comp, or together for that matter) proceeded to NARROWLY scrape a win out with a CLUTCH Tremor-kill-fear bomb and the most amazing lag-love ever with Seere Intercepting the Rogue who had CloS, no bleeds, and hit vanish mid-rush, so he got knocked out of stealth and stunned for 3 seconds, hit with Hammy, then Bladestorm... EVERYONE is at ~10% hp at this point, but Guntir got a full Innervate right as I died and he fired the Fearbomb (hence no dispel), so the Rogue just died while guntir pumped up Seere. Then they just had to kill the shammy... still tough.

The very last match was WrDkS, or as I like to call it, Work-Dicks. It takes soooo much RNG to win this match just because of how amazing DKs' damage output is in every position. We have to, basically, keep the warrior in D-stance with a Sword-n-Board up long enough to get the kill on the DK... which is no small feat. Okay, I lag or something to start the match, get knocked from stealth without an opener... sweet! Then they start laying into Seere and we realize the shammy is actually Elemental, not resto (fuck us, right?). Okay, so Seere Ds-up and keeps MS up on both melees while I'm trying, fervently, to keep the DK off him with Cyclone/Roots/Bash/etc... once DR hit the wall I was even throwing out instant-HTs to keep him up a second or two longer (we were absolutely wrecking the DK).

Okay, Seere goes down RIGHT as I cyclone the DK at 5% hp. I start winding up a cyclone which forced the shammy to ground, and fire a second on him before the DK's breaks. Meanwhile, Guntir jumps off to get away from the warrior who has switched to him. I kill the DK even with his OP self-heal nonsense... got the most amazing Shred-TF-Shred-FB during the Shammy's cyclone that ended up doing ~20k damage all crits. I see that the shammy has Tremor down above Guntir on the bridge, so I'm going to go give him a peel and I kill the totem on the way and I use my instant-cast on Roots on the shammy who's out of LoS stuck on the bridge with no trinket... finally a bit of love. I get down below and peel with Feral Charge (Bear), Bash, Cyclone, Tranquility and Guntir gets back to full... and I have Berserk up again... GG.

It was the most epic win AND it knocked us above 2k... so I'm happy.

I'm thinking of recording some of our matches and just throwing them up unedited to a quick-n-dirty sound-track for fun... I've been promising video for a long time and have never got enough footage during 1 season to do it... so maybe I'll just start throwing up some videos (I have a mac, so I can't use XFire streams, maybe there's something LIKE that I can use...)

Anyway, just wanted to update... posts will LIKELY be a little more frequent now that I'm not grinding so hard... but we'll see.