Arena Team

Resto Shammy
Disc Priest
Feral Druid

... wat!?

Double-healer USUALLY only works when you can get up an MS... or apparently not.

Anyway, I still haven't managed to get the streaming OLD stuff working cleanly... not really sure why. I'm not going to announce when I'll be running PvP as often, but suffice it to say that we USUALLY run Arenas on:

Monday/Wednesday 3-6pm PST.

USUALLY... if you can't make those times to view live, you can always load the video player, click "On Demand" and find the longer clips, they usually have arena coverage.

Side-tracking for moment...

We run Warrior+Feral+Disc at the moment around 2k... I just don't like the comp a lot. It's strong, don't get me wrong, but it is too blunt an instrument for my liking. I REALLY want to find a Hunter (a good hunter) and run Hunter+Disc+Feral... this is a 2400 team waiting to happen... just need to find the right hunter >_<