In case you missed our 2v2 exploits, I have set up the channel so that when we are not broadcasting live, our old streams are up on a continuous loop.

Couple things worth mentioning:

1) Guntir's voice isn't getting captured... not sure why, I'll look into it.
2) There's not 100% arena footage, some of it is WG or other BG pwnage because I forgot to turn off the broadcast.

Hope you all enjoyed listening/watching our games, if you have any questions about a certain match or strats we employed (or just a question in general), leave a message here or in the built-in chat and I'll get it answered asap.


Not sure why, but it's a little bit choppy... could just be my connection here at work. One way or the other, there's still some neat stuff there.

You can also go to "On Demand" and view clips directly.


I love how we get lax when we know we've won... we get it to a 2v1 and we're all near topped off. So at about 1h21m into the main arena vid, we kill an affliction warlock while his Resto Druid is running off feared and I throw out an instant-HT on myself to top myself off, and Guntir dispels UA... which crits him for 12k lmao.