Yes... I said I would have a post up on some stuff from the Cataclysm Beta. Yes, I said I would have it up last Friday. Yes... shut up... I have actually been rather busy at work... jees.

Okay, let's talk turkey for a moment... I am in the beta testing things out right now, and I have so many questions/answers that I cannot possibly keep posting them day after day. Instead, I am currently working on a "Cataclysm FAQ" page where I will post updates to abilities, talent changes, etc as I find them. In addition, this will leave me with a consolidated page to 1) receive questions about the Beta which I can test/answer, and 2) to answer those questions in a clean way and add them to the FAQ.

So, it would have something like:

Does Skull Bash (either form) actually charge your target as the tooltip suggests?

and I could have a simple answer: "yes, it actually has an 18y range, charges your target, interrupts for 5 seconds if they were casting, and places a 10 second duration physical debuff on the target increasing their casting cost by 30% if you have 2/2 Brutal Impact," and have a link to my YouTube account video of it in action on the Beta Realm.

Long-story-short: this FAQ page is in the works... it should be up soonish (although, again I am extremely busy at the moment).

Then, after this FAQ page goes up, I will basically be left to discuss differences and new beta builds et al on the front page; things like "new talent trees as of build 12312" or "build 12312 means Skull Bash implementation" or "build 14142 raises level cap to 85." So, look forward to that; it will be rather obvious when it goes live (likely to be linked at-or-near the top of this page).