Probably as-is, too. I suggest waiting until this actually happens, but when it does, I will no longer be playing World of Warcraft. I do not enjoy any other aspect of the game except Player vs. Player, and I only enjoy that as Feral. I have played a Warlock and Rogue to high ratings as well, but they simply are not the fun that I have experienced while playing Feral. I know this all sounds rather melodramatic, but it has been a long time coming.

I really should be better at this, but I am a sucker; what can I say? Blizzard weens me along during the game where I receive no support from the developers and nothing but nerfs to the few abilities which actually make my play-style somewhat work. They follow this treatment with promises of things being better in the next expansion and they will definitely stop hurting me, and like an idiotic housewife who continues to return to her husband despite all the abuse she has suffered at his hands. What is worse is that I come back smiling, every single time. If you look at the posts I make during betas, they are all positive and full of hope and every single first-season into the expansion, everything we have gets nerfed and/or all the specs which counter us get buffed.

It has to stop, now. I simply cannot take this any longer. Blizzard is clearly moving the game in a completely different direction than the one they claimed at the last Blizzcon (every Blizzcon, really). The powers that be simply do not care if Feral or Balance Druids are represented in the arenas or are even a viable alternative to a Warrior or Mage, respectively. Furthermore, it seems that if either of these two actually do make a dent on the arena scene and can actually face off against one of the pure classes with somewhat reasonable representation, they will be nerfed back to where they belong in the developers' collective eyes: Resto. That is an aspect of the game I am simply unwilling to play. I do not like Resto, I tried it for a bit in TBC when Feral was a joke and hated it (though I did hit some decent ratings).

Further, Blizzard has made is clear time and time again that while they say they value their customers' feedback, they do not use it in any way or form. Particularly, in Cataclysm it seems that changes are made entirely at random, and are largely at odds with public statements made by members of the development team. Greg Street said verbatim that "Frost Mage control is too strong and [they] would be looking at Ring of Frost and Frost Nova," but in truth nothing was done to either of these abilities save for the area of effect for Ring of Frost was reduced a tiny amount. Additionally, the original quote from him implied that Ferals were too hard to peel, so Berserk would likely have the Fear immunity removed from it. This is a huge change by itself, but removing the root-breaking aspect of Shapeshifting on top of this with little-to-no time to test these changes in a competitive PvP environment is, for lack of a better word, asinine.

What is more annoying by this is the verbiage used. The development team suggests that Ferals are too hard to peel effectively, so every single thing which we can counter is removed except for our immunity to Polymorph and Hex abilities while other classes are given, or currently have, immunities exactly like those which have been stripped from us:

DK - IBF (Stun break and immune; lasts 12 seconds), Lichborne (fear/charm/sleep immunity for 10 seconds), and AMS (essentially all CC immunity for 5 seconds).
Rogue - Cloak of Shadows (essentially all CC immunity and root-breaker; lasts 5 seconds), Vanish (will break CC casts and roots).
Enhance - Spirit Walk (breaks roots/snares when wolves are up), Earthbind Totem (breaks snares), Grounding Totem (redirects a CC cast), Shamanistic Rage Glyphed (breaks all dispelable magic on you, can be used while stunned), Tremor Totem (Fear break)
Ret - Hand of Freedom (root/snare break), Self-cleanse (root/snare break), Bubble (everything-break except Cyclone), Hand of Protection (non-magic break except Cyclone).
Warrior - Brostorm (talented root/snare break), Heroic Fury (talented root break), Warbringer (talented root/snare break), Berserker Rage (Fear/Sap/Incap-break, lasts 10 seconds on a 30s CD).

Every single melee has a break... except Ferals next patch. We will be, essentially, as dispel-reliant as Warriors were in TBC except that we do not have nearly the damage output of a Warrior, the longevity of a Warrior, the mobility of a Warrior, or the utility of a Warrior.

I am sorry to say it, but if 4.0.6 goes live without any quality of life improvements for Ferals given the shapeshifting nerf, I will not be playing the game anymore.