Okay, Boubouille over at MMO-Champion does not believe that the 4.0.6 patch will be deployed to live realms tomorrow. He is basing this on the fact that his inside sources have not told him that this would be the case, that he has a yet-to-be-deployed PTR build, and that there is no extended maintenance scheduled for tomorrow. Based on these facts, I think we can say without much doubt that tomorrow is not patch day. Horray! At least one week's reprieve from the cruel nerfbat. I can hold out hope that perhaps there will be a Hail Mary type patch where the shapeshifting nerfs are entirely reverted or some defensive cooldowns are added for Ferals. We shall see.

We picked up a Frost Mage yesterday for some 3v3 funsies. I haven't started recording yet, but I probably will soon. Feral+Frost+Disc is horribly fun and the control is pretty strong. I really like this comp more than run-downs like Kittycleave or DK+Feral+Healer just because your control is what defines your victories, not your ability to crunch unhealable damage into an opponent. I will, hopefully, have some videos of us grinding our rating up soon.