In case anyone was curious, this is what the new one looks like...


To be clear... I MIGHT have deserved this one. Essentially, if you view the image fully (which you should be able to do by right-clicking and hitting "view image" as it's cropped here), you should be able to see that the thread was about "The Frost Mage Mantra" which only had one line in it akin to:

Every class will be balanced, Mages will just be more balanced.

... or something like that. I didn't even post in this thread (I think... don't quote me on that), but I DO remember finding out that there was a button in the upper-right-hand-corner that says "Nominate for Sticky". Curiosity, more than anything, got the better of me and I clicked it. Apparently, the mods were not amused by my antics.

I shall try less dickery next week.

<3 Rey