Oh look, a video!

SOOOOOOOOOOO, yeah. I have a video that is a little unorthodox today; it is Guntir and I beating a 2500-rated FrostMage+Rogue team. The only difference with the usual getup is that it is actually from Guntir's perspective for once. Oh yeah... and it's not up yet. Yeah, jees, Guntir sent me the video at work so I could check it out, but then I forgot to send it to myself at home and therefore it was not there yet.

I started writing this post yesterday, just for a frame of reference, but I got super-busy at work and could not end up finishing it. As you can rather plainly see, the text is somewhat sloppy, the flow feels jerky and unedited, and it has the "rough outline" look and feel that goes along with first draft material. All that withstanding, I did intend to get a video up last night, but then the craziest thing happened: I actually got Skype-recording to work.

Yes, recording our skype conversations to publish with the videos has been a longstanding hurdle that seemed insurmountable to me, but yesterday I found an extension, of all things, for Skype on the Mac which would automatically record both input and output of skype and compress the sound to a file anywhere you want. As I was telling Guntir, I think that the crux of the problem stemmed from my originally trying to record our conversations on Vent, and that leading to my searching for ways to do the deed generically. Ultimately, I think that it is an issue that I have largely ignored for a few months now, but when I searched yesterday I found my solution almost instantly. Installing it at home and testing it out proved simple, straight-forward, and exactly what I wanted, though the first video or two may have me trying to adjust the levels; I'm rather quiet while Guntir is somewhat loud. I expect the difference in volumes is one of defaults as recording a phone conversation, for example, would be heavily leaning on the ability to hear the person on the other end more so than yourself; I know what I said, I am the one who said it.

About that dilemma... RIGHT! Well, here is the thing: I did have a video that I thought was pretty good; the 2500 Rogue+Mage we defeated while Guntir was recording. This video shows how frantic playing a Priest is when you are getting trained unmercifully and your partner is peeled for days. It also has some absolutely amazing footage of Guntir going from 1-100 inside a beautiful peel from myself which is entirely unseen because Guntir ducks around a pillar. On the other hand, I have a few matches from last night with Skype recordings. The choices are... hard.

We usually eat dinner with my GF's family on Wednesday, but tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day and with them being Irish, we plan on doing dinner tomorrow instead. Therefore, I should have the ability to get the video up tonight without much hassle (providing no other curve-balls come down the chute).