Reader Fade asked the following question in the comments on the last post:

rey can guntir recommend any good priest blogs? I run 3s with a priest and both he and i are struggling to find anything and our post on the eu board has been quiet.

I asked Guntir and he said "I don't follow any pvp blogs, priest or otherwise." This is technically a lie, as I know for a fact that he goes to Hydramist to read and subsequently rage at the moronic posts from Ming and the like; however, I asked Guntir if he would not mind too terribly answering any questions raised here. He agreed!

SO, just go ahead and leave comments in this post for questions you would like to throw Guntir's way about either Disc or Resto Shammy healing, starts, etc, and I will compose a list and get his responses. Try and keep them concise - things like "How do you handle a Warrior training you against War+Druid teams" are perfect; questions like "how can I play better" are too vague.


There was a new PTR push today, and while changes are limited in scope and Blizzard will likely not post an updated patch-notes page, we have to go on the data-mined information from MMO-Champion.

First and foremost:

* Cleansing Waters now has a 6 sec cooldown, up from 0.5 sec.

Lmao, RShammies get kicked in the teeth finally. However, the BIG TICKET change so far has to be the following:

* Savage Defense now absorbs damage equal to 35% of your attack power for 10 sec instead of reducing the damage taken from the next physical attack.

If the tooltip is to be believed, this is a HUGE buff to Feral PvP in turtle-ability. Previously, readers will recall that Savage Defense only blocked the next incoming attack rather than simply giving a shield which lasts 10 seconds. The other aspect of this change (again, if the updated tooltip is to be believed) is that it seems that Savage Defense will finally absorb ALL damage, not just physical damage.

I absolutely love this change. 35% of our attack power is something like a 3-4k absorb, but we also have to factor in mastery. I can check for sure when I get home as to just how much this value will be, but I am hazarding a guess that it will be something around a 6-8k absorb. Again, we get this absorb currently, but if we absorb a 2k attack, the rest of that shield is entirely wasted and disappears. In 4.1, we will actually be able to turtle a bit in Bear Form simply due to our ability to shield while landing Mangles/Mauls/White Swings/etc. Other aspects of these changes need to be explored, obviously, and I definitely have some questions remaining about the implementation:

Does this mean SD has an internal cooldown to keep it from being OP?

Does SD's shield persist through shapeshifting, or will it go away if I leave Bear Form (with the implications being that I could get that 6-8k shield, swap to Cat Form and get offensive)?

As always, I will post updates here as I find them.