No significant changes OFFICIALLY posted yet, but data-mining has unearthed a new tooltip for Cyclone:

"Cyclone now lasts 6 sec, up from 5 sec."

Weird; though thoroughly appreciated. I had been wondering if Blizzard simply made changes just to see how much they could make Druids rage. I have no idea if this was a mistake or intended, but when the PTR comes back up, I will make sure and get confirmation (or if a Blue confirms it sooner you'll hear about it here).

Other than that, there are no changes announced yet that matter to Ferals. If we can make 4.1 go to live with a 6s Cyclone and Dash/StR breaking roots, we will be in a VERY nice position.

----------EDIT March 29----------

So, it is now Monday and the various quirks have been weeded out of the data-mined patch notes, though there is still no update to the official Blizzard notes so whether Cyclone is intended to return to form as a six-second duration is still yet to be known for sure. There are a few actual changes which require additional speculation (as pointed out in a comment to this very post). For instance, Enraged Regeneration is now considered an Enrage effect (according to the updated tooltip), meaning that it can be dispelled via Soothe (and the like). Furthermore, it has the updated text of "and new Enrage effects cannot be gained while [Enraged Regen is] active", which leads me to believe that Wrecking Crew and Deathwish cannot be proc'd/used which would effectively make Enraged Regeneration into the defensive/grinding cooldown it is supposed to be.

As I mentioned before, the majority of the "changes" in this push are actually tooltip corrections. There were a LOT of hot-fixes and whatnot after 4.0.6 which never had a patch to fix tooltips and it looks like the bulk of this push is going to do just that. However, there were some changes like Enraged Regeneration worth noting here:

* Cheat Death now absorbs up to 80% damage (down from 90%) and has an internal cooldown of 90 seconds (up from 60s). This means that Subtlety will be most easily killed since Cheat Death becomes a "cooldown" that might not be "up" next time you need it.

* Glyph of Soul Swap gives Soul Swap a 15s cooldown (up from 10s). This was something that was originally in the 4.0.6 notes, but then was taken out. Guntir tells me that it is still a 10s cooldown glyphed on live (his warlock is seventy-something) so this is actually a nerf to Warlocks... I'm shocked.

* Seasoned Winds was supposed to be (at least, according to a blue post) a defensive talent for Elemental Shammies, but it has shown up in tier-4 for Enhance, which is a bit odd. Additionally, the numbers have now shown up and it will be something like 174 resist to the school which got locked out, and the last time I heard anything about it, it would stack with resistance buffs and auras; that's right, Enhancement shammies can effectively get 50% damage reduction to a school of magic by glyphing Healing Stream Totem and shearing something... whoa... DK2.0 incoming.

* Gag Order can now be proc'd by Pummel. I think that this is going to be a dark-horse talent that ends up playing interestingly at the top-tier of PvP'ers. For instance, Arms can (by forgoing the Fury tree entirely) get Gag Order. This is probably never going to be an issue, but a Warrior could conceivably give up some damage from the low-tier Fury tree for a 3s silence on Pummel guaranteed as well as lowering the cooldown on Shield Wall by 3min.

* Frostbolt base damage increased 10% (non-scaling, not a big deal).

* Ice Barrier scaling increased to 87% from 80.7%. This is a decent change, but ultimately a small one; you can still eat up an Ice Barrier with basically a Mangle.

* Fingers of Frost now increases Ice Lance's damage by 25%, up from 15%.

I really want to touch on that last one. I pulled up the old 4.0.6 patch notes because I thought I read something about this last patch...

* Fingers of Frost can no longer be dispelled and now also increases Ice Lance damage by 15%.
* Frost Specialization now only grants 2 base points of mastery (instead of 8), reducing all Frost damage to frozen targets by 15% from previous values. However, Frost Specialization now increases base Frostbolt damage by 15%.

Okay, so if I'm following this correctly, then they nerfed all Frost damage by 15% except Frostbolt from the Frost Spec perk. Additionally, they made it so that when you have Fingers of Frost proc'd, your Ice Lances will do the same damage as they did before the patch. Okay, so 4.0.6 was a nerf to Ice Lances outside of FoF procs, but a wash when FoF was up. NOW, they buffed Ice Lance another 10% damage when FoF is up.

Maybe I just do not understand Blizzard, but did they not just have a developer Q&A session in which they suggested that casters probably were too reliant on instant-cast abilities? Why, then, would they continually buff instant-cast abilities over and over again? It simply boggles my mind... I am boggling right now.

Anyway, with Frost Mages getting a "much needed" damage buff to Ice Lance and the chance of Cyclone being unnerfed (though it will have never got to live), my guess is that Monster's team (currently #1 on Rampage-US running Frost+Feral+Disc) will continue dominating; that will be interesting to see.