Titles, mounts and rare items should be the reward for doing well in arenas....not the equipment you need to compete. You don't see olympic atheletes competing for brand new Nike gear....they compete for medals....Nike supplies the gear to make them competitive.

Man, I was in the WotLK-PvP forum and came across this gem. At first, I thought of all the derisive retorts I could make, but then I think the poster's point started sinking in. This is probably the heart of the matter which I have been complaining about since the onset of season three (and probably a LITTLE bit before that). WHY am I competing to get gear which will be used for competition? It just makes no sense. I have finally become one of those jaded resto druids who has a warrior in full s4 (save for s2 shoulders and a s3 mace) team mate and we just laugh at some comps in 2s. I especially laugh at feral druids, though we don't see many of them. I have become that which I hate most... a cynical annoying druid in good gear who feels he is elite because of his purples.

I remember when I was feral in the arenas. Admittedly, the time was short-lived, but it was most certainly fun. Now, I'm having less fun being a heal-bot (though I am having some fun, admittedly) and mocking those who strive to make a name for themselves as a terrible specialization at the present build. How am I not a FotM druid? Sure, I have been around since the beginning with my druid as my first 60, but I have forsaken my feral ways just to advance myself to a plateau of gear that does not in any way help me play the way I want to play. I even remember saying "I'm just going to go resto until I get all my feral gear." I have had feral gear for a GOOD while now... a full s3 set (save for the helm with is the engineering helm) with the s2 mace... and where has it left me, continually upgrading my restoration gear. Well, NO MORE.

From this moment on, I guess I'll be upgrading my feral set. The nice thing is that I'll have some arena points laying around, since I have nearly no confidence in any of my teams getting to 1950... and I don't feel like upgrading from s3 to s4 pants and spending 500g getting the pants enchant. The good news is that when 3.0.X finally gets shipped out to the real world, I should have a decent feral set to try out with my brother's spriest or his pally... whichever he chooses to be the lucky one. Interestingly enough, I think that pally+feral could be a decent combo since ferals bring decent damage to the table along with never getting snared, so the pally can feel free to use BoF on himself, rather than the druid, who will be doing some snaring of his own.

Oh well... why am I getting gear by competition, for competition??? It is because I love competition. I'll keep coming back so long as the arena has SOME semblance of fairness and it still gets my heart pumping.