I got in... so did my brother... how random is Blizz?

Anyway, I decided to copy my druid account over, so in a couple days when the copy finishes (wtf right?), I'll post some stuff.

Things I want to test out:

1) ZerkZerk
2) FeralSnarel
3) Passive OoC
4) King of the Jungle
5) Spell power changes (Lots of healing gear, mind you)
6) Resto spec (ToL in particular)

EXCITED... I was going to post something this morning about how depressed I was, but I got busy and closed the browser... also I'm not depressed anymore. Looking forward to testing this biznatch.

Okay, so I got my druid over... but I'm STILL patching. Gotta thank Blizz for completely missing the point of distributive patching. I'm sitting here at work with our dual T1 lines, trying to download this patch (which is 3.0.1... not a build number... I guess it's all of them???) which is 2GB big. So, I search around for patches, and there are a bunch on torrents, so I get my client up to 8714 (3 patches) and I hit a brick wall. The ONLY torrents out there now are the "3.0.1" patch variety. SIGH.

At least it's gone down from 2GB to 1.15 total... as if that were a good thing. Plus, I still have to install the client, then patch at home. It looks like playing the beta servers TOMORROW might not be out of the question... but it is for today.