We are readily waiting for 3.0.2 to hit PTRs. That's right, Chaos Bolt, Backlash, Fearl Improvements, CRAZY Resto improvements, all hitting the PTR with the intention being that we would see a Live release of talents/skills/inscription before the actual WotLK release. To say the very least, I'm salivating. From what I'm hearing, Chaos Bolt builds are AMAZING burst dps, even against priests sporting 500 resilience, though Pyroclasm is not working with the current build of beta, and neither is Molten Core, so that frees up some room for Soul Leech and Improved Soul Leech, among other talents.

Also, guntir is talking about spec'ing disc instead of shadow at 70 IFF the spellpower changes go through and his dps gear is the same as the disc gear (give or take some spirit, etc) in terms of healing, and if that's the case, then I'm going to be spec'ing Haunt for the amazing dps and self-healing to couple with the drain team, it'll be weird.

On top of that, RESTO is insane right now. The Balance tree was completely revamped in the lower tiers, probably for synergy for healing builds because there simply aren't enough good healing talents in resto to spec 61 point in there (let alone 71).

OKAY, here are the builds:



Haunt (edited, they buffed a talent that requires 5 points in it now)