My warlock is rocking 4/5 s4, s2 shoulders, s2 weapon, s4 offhand, and s4 wand... he's not going to hit 1950, we can just forget that, and it's unlikely that we're gunna hit 1800 unless we get a HUGE string of NOTROGUE+healer or double-dps. Currently, we do 10 matches a week or so and we get 5-8 rogue+healer teams, so going up isn't really an option. I thought that warrior+shamang was supposed to be amazing now... why don't we see them, or warrior+druid, or warrior+healer anymore... we just see rogues.

Rogues rogues rogues.

So anyway, rocking about 1000 arena points at the moment, I guess I'll wait till I get to 5k, then see what's up. Maybe I'll buy the other set... who knows... who cares.

Okay, next week I will have enough points to buy my s3 healing main hand on my druid. This is awesome, as it is the last REAL upgrade I will be getting for a while. I dunno if we'll ever hit 1950, but if we do, then we're likely to hit 2050 as well, as we were convinced that 1800 was doable based on the fact that we were 100 points lower. However, if I get to the point where I have no upgrades (and I dunno if I'm going to be upgrading to the s4 pants, as it's a lot of gold to be sinking into a measly upgrade, might just try and bubble 1800 long enough to get the s3 feral staff). Who knows, it's all crazy at the moment, and people are talking about 3.0 hitting live servers within the month...

wouldn't THAT be interesting.