Blizzard announced late Monday that the 2v2 bracket would not award ANY titles, not just every title but Gladiator... it only took them the ENTIRE SEASON to come up with this announcement even though every day somewhere around 15 threads were started with nothing except the question "Can I get Duelist from the 2v2 bracket?" Way to drop the ball there Blizz. Sigh... going to end up 2200 in the 3v3 bracket and be a Rival... I won't lie, it's going to bug me.

So, here's a fun little story. Guntir and I have been saying all season that we think the best partner for a Feral+Disc team is Hunter. The reason for this is that the options are fairly limited to begin with; the partner needs an MS and the ability to not get gibbed or locked down. Warriors can work when they have Hand of Freedom, but without that they are pretty lackluster. Rogues have good damage output, but if they ever get targeted, they get exploded... plus their survivability is directly related to their cooldowns. Hunters have the ability to kite all day and night, they are ranged so they can stay out of the mix in pressure situations, and they bring a couple CC effects on different diminishing returns than Priest and Druid... and MS...

Anyway, we put up a listing on ArenaJunkies, mainly to see if there are any good Hunters on our server looking for a 3s team. Nothing happens for a while, but one day some level one alt whispers Guntir out of the blue explaining how he has a hunter on some other server with full relentless and he's looking for a new server to PvP on. Guntir's starts explaining how we have a rogue currently, but next season wouldn't be too hard to swing. The Hunter says "brb", logs off, and logs back on in ~10 minutes, then tells Guntir the following:

"Okay, my hunter should be xfer'd here in ~1 hour."

So, we played with him for the first time yesterday... I love hunters. He brings a lot to the team that I have simply never thought of but which makes a lot of sense in retrospect. For instance, we went against RDruid+Warrior+Ret and we usually just train the Warrior and try to CC-off the Druid while we apply pressure, but he made a good point in that he has a dispelable CC in Freezing Trap, so we should be using our CC on the Ret since he would simply dispel it off the Druid or Warrior. Anyway, we went something like 10-4 or something, nothing amazing but it definitely felt stronger than any other teammate we've tried, so I'm looking forward to playing that comp again.