My brother, Guntir, is absolutely nuts. I just realized how insane he is when I was viewing his armory... he has 6660 achievement points with the Loremaster title. I think it's his personal goal to be the second player to ever "beat WoW" (the first who isn't Korean).

CELEBRATIONS ARE IN ORDER. That's right, we hit 2200 in our final push of the season last night. It was short-lived, as we tried to get our Rogue to 2200 as well (he was 19 rating behind us), and ended up tanking it back down to ~2150 (I think... it was late and the armory hasn't updated yet... end-of-season patch day I guess). So, Guntir got his 2200 dagger, I didn't get my staff because I didn't have the points for it (I'm going to get chewed out for this one, but I had ~4500 points on Saturday, and we didn't think we'd actually play again this season, so I bought a bunch of resto off-set gear for funsies... boy is my face red!).

Next season we're going to try and balance between Rogue+Feral+Disc and Hunter+Feral+Disc. We haven't yet heard what the next season has in store for us update-wise, as the patch hasn't been made public yet and no official word has been made except that today marked the end of the season. This is really rather odd as by now, we have usually data-mined the next season's gear and the blues have reported any changes we expect to see, but maybe they are trying to turn over a new leaf and make things more proper. When I think about it, it DOES make sense from a developer's point of view to keep things hush-hush until they're ready.

My prediction is that by 11 AM PST, we will have more information about the next season by way of a small patch and a blue statement. I would be VERY surprised if the patch (with the next season's arena gear) did not drop until next week, they usually put the game files in early and activate them late... but again maybe they're trying things differently.